Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Really Old Photo and Other Random Things

1) Looking back at old scrapbook photos, I'm starting to really feel the passage of time.  I used to have a really good memory of things that happened, to the point that I really thought I could never lose one of those "but you said..." arguments.

But sometimes, I can barely remember when I've done things, who said what, or what obligations I have.  This is probably more a result of mental "clutter" rather than age, but it is somewhat unsettling.  On another note, I kind of can't believe that I ever used to be that small.  Back then, cow and some sort of soy milk and Asian food primarily ran through my veins, but now, it's an unidentifiable mix of frosting, bread from the 99-cent store, peanut butter, and a smorgasbord of ethnic foods.

2) I think I'm hitting some sort of low.  You know you have when you're munching on vegan chik'n nuggets in your cubicle during lunch time.  I blame this heat wave, as I normally use this time for walking.

3) "The Ukrainian" finished the Insanity program.  He lost several inches off of himself, though like me, didn't lose any weight. 

As for me, I did three weeks a P90X/Insanity hybrid schedule but was not eating right.  Thinking back, starting another program so soon probably wasn't the best idea, but I was so excited to try it.  The P90X workouts made me have to rush all the time to work due to the time commitment.  I might try again next year... I did like how quickly my arm guns got hard doing this program.

I've actually re-started Insanity with "The Ukrainian" because, well, frankly, it's time-efficient and will get me through until the weather cools down for more running again.  It was actually his idea.  For now, I have been running when I can, and I am definitely not as fast as I used to be.  And that wasn't fast in the first place.  Dios mío... But I'm definitely not back at 'square one,' so I should be thankful for that.

4) Continuing with my point above, I'm burnt out.  Although it seems like I've been traveling and such, it's been for work, and besides that, I haven't taken off any significant time since early April (two days).  The weeks go by too fast, and too much of it is seemingly spent droning in front of the computer at work.  I really just want to take a week off to "stay-cation," but I think a bigger part of me would rather make money.

5) I'm going to review an infomercial product on here pretty soon... something more off-the-wall than Insanity/P90X.

6) I need to whip up two costumes soon -- one for the Rock N Roll Half-Marathon in Los Angeles at the end of October and the other for Halloween.  Since I was lazy last year and didn't make my Halloween costume (we assembled "The Ukrainian's," though), I'm going to TRY to be crafty this time.  Details on the running costume will come later, pending feasibility and projected success. ;)

Hint, a part of the running costume:

This cap was sent to me from the folks at Jackrabbit Caps, based in San Diego, CA.  I love that this cap is breathable, completely collapsible, and comes in a large size if needed (and I DO need it).  Oh, and as you can see, they are customizable for any running group or strange blogger with a twisted sense of bathroom humor.  You'll be seeing this cap again next month!!

Jackrabbit Caps is a fresh face in the running cap market.  Our sole focus is making high quality caps with unique designs and materials while providing top-notch customer service:       
  • To ensure the utmost quality, Jackrabbit Caps are handmade in the USA using comfortable moisture wicking or wool fabrics.
  • We can personalize any Jackrabbit Caps with embroidery or create an entirely custom cap through our sublimation process.
  • We also offer two sizes to ensure a great fit, as well as running caps specifically for men and women.
7) Speaking of October, I fear it.  Most of the weekends are filled (e.g., my cute x10000 niece turning 1), and one I will be out of town on behalf of a cross-country trip with my friends.

8) Today is the 10000th day I've been alive!  I calculated it randomly a while back and marked it on my calendar.  I thought I'd be doing something big, or at least running 10k, to celebrate, but work calls and my recent fatigue spell and heat sensitivities have kept me from donating blood like I had planned.


  1. Hope you get over the "blahs" soon! Sometimes everyone just has a little funk.