Monday, August 13, 2012

The 90-Day Mark

I just consulted, and as I had sensed, there are less than 90 days until the wedding.

We have just barely started distributing invitations.  I only have about a third of them done, but I am fairly confident that the rest of them will go out this week.  Apparently, even when you attempt to go simple on these, it does take time to actually assemble and address the darn things.  I guess I was procrastinating because of summer slothiness and traveling for work, but I think we're right on time on it anyway.

The honeymoon arrangements are also finally completed.  By then, I think I will have just enough vacation time to take the three days off of work to go without sacrificing pay because I had to reserve an additional three days for my "bachelorette" festivities.  We're hoping to go out of the country at some point soon, but I can't see myself accumulating what I need for at least another year... and that will depend on the circumstances of the earlier part of next year.

My weekends are definitely starting to become "we have to work on the wedding" time, which is something I was anticipating and dreading.  Sleep, workouts, and going to places beyond a five-mile radius for fun are things that are decreasing.  The extent of our excursions lately have been to get our wedding bands (I love mine and want to wear it already, by the way!), make venue arrangements, meet with key people, and pick up bamboo:

If you can't wait to see the final product, well, neither can I.  Hah.


  1. I remember that home stretch! It's busy, indeed! (we had further complications because Hurricane Wilma came through a month before our wedding and everything ground to shalt for a month, and a few hotels where family had been planning to stay got damaged, so yeah, that was interesting!)

    Best of luck with the last few months of prep! That honeymoon will be welcome in the end!

  2. How exciting!

    Wishing you nothing but the best in your preparations leading up to the big day. I hope everything goes great!