Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CORE Foods Bar (Giveaway) - updated

UPDATE: 7/24/12

First of all, I loved some of the comments you guys left.  Gotta try that rubber band thing sometime!

The winner is #33, Katie at Wish and Whimsy!  I will contact you, but if it misses you, please e-mail me your address!

For everyone else...

Even though you didn't win the giveaway, CORE Foods wants to give you a chance to try CORE Meals too!  SAVE 20% on a single sample pack of CORE Meals at our online store.  Use Coupon Code "acaseoftheruns" after checkout.  This discount expires 8/8/2012!


This post has been sitting in my Drafts, for a long time, but I'm super excited about it because I REALLY love this product!!

I've tried and reviewed many, many bars in recent times, but CORE Foods bars are truly something different.

You might think I'm a pig, but when people claim that something "keeps me full for hours!," I end up disappointed when, after an hour, I'm hungry again.  This is mostly true in the earlier parts of the day because I generally tend to eat the most at breakfast, a little less at lunch, and even less at dinner.  This is just the way I work or have learned to work over time.

Oatmeal -- might last two hours

Fruit -- 30 minutes?

Nut butter -- an hour, maybe an hour and a half?

most bars, eggs -- an hour or two, depending on protein content

yogurt -- an hour and a half (non-dairy), longer if dairy because I usually get a stomachache and my appetite disappears

So my breakfasts will consist of a combo of these foods, and I often have to space them out so I don't get too full or too hungry at one time.  However, this isn't always convenient.

One day, I was swamped and food-less, so I tried this sample of a CORE Foods bar that I was sent.  The bars come in two varieties, Warrior (contains whey) and Defender (vegan).

The bars are meant to be had with two glasses of water.  This was easy, because I am a huge water drinker and the bars actually made me want to drink the water.  I can't really describe the texture of these bars, except that it literally seems like you're eating oatmeal -- no crunchiness or brittled sugar -- just a fresh, sweet-enough (I have a sweet tooth just so you know), somewhat dense bar.  They need to be kept in the fridge, a sign that they are definitely wholesome.

Check out the 100% organic ingredient list!

And believe it or not, that kept me going until lunch time.  I thought it was a miracle.

I have seen CORE Foods bars at Whole Foods (refrigerated section), and while they cost more than other bars, they can truly replace a meal (which can cost a lot more)!

Defender Meal flavors: Raw Cashew Cacao, Raw Almond Raisin, Raw Walnut Banana

Giveaway Time!  -- One Sample pack of CORE Foods bar -- Defender Meal 

(Open to US residents and ends Tuesday, July 24 at noon PST.)
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P.S. If you don't win, I can provide a 20% off code so you can try the bars for yourself!  Let me know in the comments if you'd like me to send you this code after this contest ends!  Thanks!!!!
FTC Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary sample pack of this product but was not otherwise compensated for hosting a giveaway or providing any particular type of opinion.