Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Tale of Two Proteins (and Cake)

I pretty much stick to Sunwarrior Protein Powder for my liquid protein needs, but I like to stay informed about other choices without breaking the bank.

Whole Foods is pretty nifty in that they offer sample-sized bags of protein powders for sale -- you know, so you can try it before you get a big can of something that tastes darn awful.  Of course I don't buy every little packet I see.  At $2-$3+ a pop, it can add up easily.  So I tried to pick ones that didn't rely on soy or spirulina as their main ingredient, because I can't stand the taste of those things in excess.

So it came down to Jay Robb's egg white protein and Vega One.

Nutritional comparison: definitely more protein bang for my buck in the Jay Robb.  Of course, vegans wouldn't be able to select this option.

Taste-wise, Jay Robb's was actually really good for a protein drink (I had it at room temp, but I'm sure it'd be great cold).  I may explore using this brand in the future, since it is a bit cheaper than my current protein.  The Vega was drinkable, but reminded me too much of their Sport protein, which reeks of spirulina.


Since this post has been in Draft for a while, I guess I was somehow supposed to segue into talking about this mini cheesecake that my parents got for my birthday.  This was in April.  Apparently, I'm behind but must have really appreciated the gesture since middle children just take whatever they can get.

There was a chopped fruit version of this, also.  I took part in both.

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