Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spotted: Vega Bars

I was finally able to find Vega Sports bars lying around!  I always see the powders everywhere, but even though I saw other bloggers eating these Vega bars, I had yet to see one in any store.


Vibrancy Bar:

Quite frankly, I didn't like the Sport bar at all... I took it to a Dodger game and ended up giving up on it after maybe a quarter of it (the bar, not the game).  This resulted in some unplanned popcorn consumption -- the caramel, sugar-y kind, mind you. ;)

The issue I had was the taste of spirulina, which I don't like.  I've always believed I have a sensitive palate, but I can't imagine anyone finding that taste pleasurable at any level.  To me, it tastes worse than whey protein.  The Vibrancy bar was definitely edible, being somewhat tamer on the taste.  

Both bars are a little high on the caloric side, so for now, I'd rather eat CLIF Buidler's bars, which taste much better (probably due to higher sugar... oh well), have higher protein, and are cheaper.

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