Friday, June 8, 2012

Runners in Heels

Since I started running long distances, the frequency that I wear heels, along with the height of said heels, has definitely taken a plunge.

As a person who works in an office building with a pretty solid dress code, this is kind of an impasse.  I need to look professional, but I also need to be able to walk.  It doesn't help that even without heels, I have foot issues.

I had a chance to try some high-heel inserts from Dr. Scholl's.  I've seen these products around but wasn't sure if they worked.

These inserts peel back from a clear sheet of paper and adhere to the bottom of your shoes.  So I put mine in a pair of heels that I regularly wear to work.

In my hand, it feels cushion-y... gel-like, and pretty durable overall.  It is clearly marked with placement cues ("heel," "left," etc.) and sticks securely.

In my shoe, however, I found that it supports my foot in the wrong places and actually crams part of my feet in such a way that my walking is worse off with these than without.  It could just be specific to these shoes or my whacko feet, but I actually think these would be more comfortable placed in a flat shoe.

While these didn't work well for me, I think they would help people with more "typical feet."  The fact that these are clear make them easy to place in cute, strappy shoes.  Maybe I can lift these off and place them in the shoes I'm going to be wearing to my wedding -- very simple ones because of my darned issues with heels.

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of this product to try as part of my participation in the BzzAgent program.  I was not compensated to provide any particular opinion.

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  1. I use these inserts all the time. My work shoes are already comfortable for all day use, but I still use the inserts for extra cushion.

    Another time these inserts have come in very handy...when I went to Vegas. Lots of walking and lots or partying! they were my lifesaver