Friday, June 29, 2012

Mid-Year Progress

Back at the beginning of the year, I made a hasty list of goals for the year, and now that we're approximately half-way through (already!)... it's time for my progress update.
  • Retirement - save for: Now that things are more secure in the employment realm, this has officially begun!  (On the bright side, I had an account at a previous job that has been stagnant since I left it, so now I just have one that will get my bi-weekly contributions.)
  • PR: Not yet, but I did run my best marathon since 2009 this year (twice!) and did my first long relay... However, I'm actually setting PRs in other athletic realms that I will elaborate upon later in the year (not to build suspense but to ensure I don't put it out there and then fail publicly).
  • Publish (or attempt to publish) something (academic) -- In progress, though "attempt" is in the verbiage, so thank goodness.  This recently got revived, and I have to say that the memory of ever writing a dissertation has faded, and I like my new non-school life so much that this process has been one that every ounce of my being is resisting.  I don't really have the desire, more like the obligation.
  • Reach "equilibrium": I need to re-evaluate... I wound up back at my starting point, and although doing Insanity has probably changed my body composition a little, it's doing little to my weight.
  • Read more, including on spirituality: Definitely been doing plenty of this, along with contemplating lots of other decisions for the future.  I am ambivalent about my efforts here (mostly because I've grown lazy and in this "I just want to enjoy life" mode), but in the end, it's always better to be educated than not.
  • Get a physical - It has been a few years: DONE in March 2012... won't need to go for another few years, barring illness
  • Make progress on my guitar-playing: This fell by the wayside... I have been lacking motivation and am okay with this.

Since I was so lax in setting these goals, I don't think I'm disappointed by any means with my (lack of?) progress.  Overall, my spurious training runs included, I think I've kept myself in decent shape and have been keeping some sort of balance between family, work, and friends.  It isn't perfect, but I am not going to knock myself for the things I can't control.

Life has definitely become more... full... this year -- replace "life" with "my schedule."  I rarely have open weekends and even have pretty frequent evening commitments on the weekdays after work.  Speaking of work, I'm actually on the East Coast right now... traveling by myself is definitely a new activity for me, considering I haven't done much traveling in life as it is.  I didn't expect to have to fly around for work -- however, while I'm still unmarried and kid-less, it is actually kind of interesting to meet new people and see new things.  I was so sheltered as a kid and feel as though I am finally out of that proverbial shell that I've had growing up.  I can also say that I've generally shaken off the general sense of unhappiness/dissatisfaction that I have had over the years.

And I think that progress is plenty.


  1. Welcome east :) Hope you're surviving the heat okay!

  2. "Save for retirement" is also one of my goals. I've never before had enough money to consider saving, so it's all new and terrifying territory for me. I've been reading a lot of personal finance blogs, like and

    Good luck!