Monday, June 25, 2012

Insanity - Week 7: How Long Should One Exercise?

Well, at the point that this post comes up, I can declare that I only have two weeks left of this program.  I still am amazed how I've been able to not quit!

Week 7 Reflections:

I had to do a little modifying this week, because in spite of my best intentions, I must move my rest day to Monday or Tuesday.  Given that next Monday's workout is supposed to be a nasty Fit Test (25 min) + Max Interval Circuit (59 min) combo, I elected to do a little shuffling to make it work without killing me.  Well, prolonging my precious rest day will probably kill me, but oh well.

Monday - Max Cardio Conditioning
Tuesday - Max Interval Circuit
Wednesday - Max Interval Pylo

Thursday - Core Cardio & Balance (originally Saturday)
Friday - Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs, then Max Recovery (originally Thursday)... whew!
Saturday - Fit Test #4 (originally Monday)
Sunday - Max Interval Circuit (originally Monday)
Monday - Max Interval Plyo (originally Tuesday, but I have important work stuff that day)

I think I wrote in an earlier post that I'd talk more about the specifics of certain workouts, the first being Cardio Abs.  Cardio Abs is a little 16-minute ditty that is normally done after Pure Cardio (38 min) or Max Cardio Conditioning (47 min).  So by this point, you're already pretty sweaty and tired, yet as part of your warm-up, you gotta do stuff like variations of my nemesis exercise, Power Jumps:

The guy is doing it right... the girl I think is mid-way through hers, but who cares because I don't like her!
You can imagine how difficult of a time it is to get that kind of air without a hard surface or shoes, so I can't get up as high as him.  These jumps may not seem like a very ab-y move, but they are.

Anyway, most of the ab workout is done in this position -- the C-Sit position.  After doing Bar Method and Core Fusion, which have pretty challenging ab segments, I really though this would be easier, but holy heck, the first few times were rough, probably due to fatigue from the main workout more than a weak core.  

So it seems like no matter what, about an hour of this stuff a day is what Month/Phase 2 prescribes.  Truthfully, working out for an hour is actually on the long side for me, mostly because that's all I've got before work -- of course, I've had my share of spending longer (a few years ago, 1.5 hours was norm).  

These workouts are like the opposite of the "high intensity interval training" (HIIT) that seems like all the rage these days on blogs -- HIIT is more like -- go go GO go go GO go go, while Insanity is more like GO GO GO GO go GO GO GO GO go... well, you get the point.

So, working out for an hour is especially long in this case.  Not for the faint of heart (literally)... when I first started the Max workouts, I sometimes felt as though it was throbbing out of my chest, though that subsided.  At some point, I should really figure out how long I should spend in each heart rate zone

Given that Insanity has put most of my previous workouts to shame, I'm guessing I will need to spend more time working out in the future... or maybe I can just consider this an "unusually active" time period???  To think that I used to spend 2+ hours on the weekends and sometimes more than an hour on the weekdays doing training runs+lifting weights (have not touched a weight in a while!), and now I'm complaining about an hour?! -- the blasphemy! 

Finally, since a Fit Test was included this week, I guess I gotta post the results.  So I blew the first exercise, but I'm surprised I made some improvements again in most of the others... the next Fit Test I will have to do after a flight, so I'm not expecting it to be great.

Fit Test 1
Fit Test 2
Fit Test 3
Fit Test 4
Fit Test 5
Switch Kicks (2 sides=1 rep)


Power Jacks


Power Knees


Power Jumps


Globe Jumps


Suicide Jumps


Push-Up Jacks


Low Plank Oblique (2 sides=1 rep)


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