Sunday, June 17, 2012

Insanity - Week 6: I was Lazy Before

Guess who decided to join my insane antics?

At the end of the second week of the program, "The Ukrainian" and I were on a weekend trip with his family.  Determined to not skip a workout, I brought the necessary disc and prayed that the laptop we brought would not give out because the charger had been left behind.

Two people doing Insanity in a small room (that doesn't sound right, but keep reading) was a strange sight.  Since I knew the moves, I went off to a corner and let "The Ukrainian" take the front-of-the-laptop space.  Thirty-eight minutes later, we were drenched, and I believe a seed was planted (this continues to sound wrong, agh!).

Over the next few weeks, "The Ukrainian" voluntarily popped in that same disc (Pure Cardio) a couple of times.  Then, as I was finishing the first month, he said he was going to do the program.  Wow... I was never able to get him to do any of the other videos I've done, so there must be something special going on here.

I took some detailed "before" photos for him and helped take his measurements, which is much more than I did before I started myself.  Not sure if he will let me post them at some point, ha ha.  P.S. If you're wondering why you haven't seen any progress photos from me, it's because I have been lazy about them and didn't pick the right outfit.  Since I'm already deep in it, I decided to just keep wearing that wrong outfit and may post them at the end.

Reflections of Week 6:

Monday - Max Interval Circuit (you're supposed to do Fit Test before this, but I did mine on the weekend prior, and thank goodness because I was exhausted just with this)
Tuesday - Max Interval Plyo (okay, so I've been dyslexic on the word Plyo and nobody told me?!)
Wednesday - Max Cardio Conditioning
Thursday - Max Recovery
Friday - Max Interval Circuit
Saturday - Max Interval Plyo
Sunday - Rest

The workouts got longer this week (about an hour versus 40 minutes before).  During my first "Max" workout, "The Ukrainian" walked in just before I hit the half-way point.  I asked him (through labored breathing) if he was excited to be starting -- seeing me dying the way that I already was, and then I said that I wanted to pass out and that it was nice knowing him.  Seriously, I wanted to groan each time a new set of exercises was introduced, because I felt like I didn't have anything left in me to continue!  At some points, you could hear me gasping.  Did I do this during Week 1??

The last four minutes of Max Interval Circuit.  Found this pic on Facebook and totally find it both hilarious and accurate.

These workouts especially are a sharp contrast to my workouts of yore.  Even in my "tougher" workouts before I started this program, I would spend a small portion of time scaling back relative to when I really pushed myself.  The experience of doing these Max workouts has been akin to running a 10k (or similar distance I can fit in an hour) at a pace that is very uncomfortable for me.  It makes me question whether I was really as "hardcore" as I previously thought I was... or also whether one really needs to be working out at this level at all.

I know this month is going to be a mental battle.  Last week, I dreaded doing the same Recovery workout five times, and as soon as I started my first "Max" disc, that feeling of dread came back during the workout.  Since weight loss was never really a big motivator for me trying this program (plus, I acknowledged that there are easier ways), I worried that I would want to quit.  However, I made a commitment to myself and made it public, so I feel like I must push onward now.

This concludes my Day 42 and "The Ukrainian"'s Day 7 -- of 63.

P.S. Happy Father's Day to all the papas out there!


  1. No wonder they call it insanity! Good for you for sticking with it though!!

  2. Major props! I quit during Month 2, but you're totally dominating.

    Also...that amazing.

  3. i especially enjoy the part at the end where that dude in the red shorts does a break dancing move and almost kicks ariel in the face... her reaction is great.