Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Troubled Relationship with Headbands

I work out in the morning before work, so this means that I'm often time-pressed to get it done and then look presentable.

This also means that I often don't have time to wash my hair.  I know... this is gross, even to me, but at least I shower.  My long, thick hair requires lots of time to dry and such, so rather than show up to work with wet hair, I decided that I'd start washing it after work to prevent blow-drying (another time-kill as well as bad for hair) or over-washing since I always like to have clean hair when I sleep.

So I've been wearing headbands and pinning my hair to ensure that it stays off my sweaty forehead.  Minimizing hair-to-sweat contact means I can do my gross thang (sic) without being completely crusty.  Yes, I use the word "crusty" to describe things besides food....

I started off with a Goody-brand one (drugstore), but that would sometimes pop off during my workouts, even slower-paced ones.  I also have a very basic generic one made out of cheap tech tee material that was a freebie at a race expo, which stays on decently for the most part but eventually pops off.

Always seeking improvement, I wanted to try one of those specialty ones that I'm always seeing buzzed about on blogs and Twitter.  All the "it stays on my odd-shaped head" comments started getting to me.  They must work well, right?

Well, not exactly.  Here's me wearing a BICBand prior to a workout.  I'd actually push it more forward toward my nose, but it doesn't stay in that position for long:

Widow's peak repreSENT!

And afterward, it's half-way on my head and pops off at the slightest movement, like removing my shirt.  I spared you all a photo of the "after," because by then I've had to adjust so many times that my hair looks like a fire-y cactus dampened with sweat. 

After a few episodes of this, I've concluded that it's really no better than my rudimentary freebie one, and for 10x the price (plus shipping, which took longer than I had hoped since I live not too far from where they are produced).  Not to mention, it's not really all that comfortable and a bit tight-feeling on my head, which I thought would be a good thing.  I guess it's cute, though, and as many women will tell you, with beauty comes pain.

So my quest to keep my hair in line continues... I guess I win the odd-shaped head war.  Not a great title to win.


  1. I'm still using the Goody headbands... I lose one every couple of months, but they're so inexpensive that I don't mind buying a replacement pack twice a year. (I know that sounds terribly wasteful, but the elastic doesn't last forever anyway.)

  2. I have a tiny head so none of them I've tried will stay. :/ I usually wear a bandanna cuz I'm a sweat-er, and it doesn't move at all. But it's bulky-ish.

  3. I've been using skinny plastic headbands I bought at the swapmeet for a dollar. I do have sport/tec headbands from Nike, but they slide back and I have to re-adjust during most runs. In races or longer runs, I wear a hat and that keeps my hair out of my face.

  4. I use barettes and bobby pins to keep stray hair back.

    I also use dry shampoo afterwards. Maybe that will help.