Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bean Desserts

A while back, I made a bean-based version of brownies.

Note that I never made them again.

It's not that I didn't think they were edible -- they just didn't capture some of the essence of "brownie."  Substitution can work in some cases, but I didn't feel like this was one of the cases.

I recently tried to see if the bean substituion would work in another case.  I've seen this bean cookie-in-a-pan recipe quite a bit around blogs and decided to try it because I had all the ingredients lying around.

I pretty much put everything but the chocolate chips into a food processor and dumped everything back into a pan and baked it.

When it came out, I had to stop myself from eating too much of it.  I think what made this one pretty good is the fact that I am not exactly a fan of the "original" (non-bean) dish.  Although I like other cookies, I've never been a chocolate-chip cookie fan, and I think it's because of the way the baked cookie dough interacts with the chocolate chips.  So somehow, this different baked cookie dough worked for me.

I wrapped most of these guys up and froze them for future use.  These never made it to reheating, as I kind of ate them as cold protein bars.

So why beans?  I am picky about my sweets (because I eat so many of them!) and think that attempts to "healthify" a recipe are often in vain because you end up going back to the original thing anyway.  Or is that just me??? 

Anyway, when I alter/vegan-ize recipes, it's only because I either find that I actually prefer the different texture (more chewiness, for example) or am protecting myself against my lactose intolerance.  When it comes to using beans, I mostly try it out of curiousity, and so far, this "cookie-in-a-pan" has been the only case in which I would repeat the experiment.  Using beans doesn't make desserts any less meant for moderation, nor do they help with calories. 

However, I guess it doesn't hurt to pack in more protein and fiber into these desserts if I'm going to be eating them, anyway.


Crystal said...

Wow,this is very different then anything i ever it!!
Beans are one of my faves and to have them incorporated into a dessert recipe is awesome.
Some haters won't be anymore! :)

Alex said...

I love beany desserts! Have you read Chocolate Covered Katie's blog? She features beans in brownies and "cookie dough" style desserts (just resist the urge to call it "sweet hummus").

Glenn Jones said...

*This* stuff would require a little convincing....

Jesse - Run To The Border said...

Those look good. My wife has made black bean brownies before, and they sure are tasty! Wouldn't take much convincing for me to give these a whirl.