Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Photo Entry 29: Mostly Carbs

I realize that I am a bit behind in my normal posting schedule, though I'm sure most of us are inundated enough not to notice.

Things have been kind of haphazard lately... changes at work (will elaborate later), personal introspection (more on this later, perhaps), trying to stay on the running train post-marathon, and my eating... goodness.  I haven't quite been so peppy lately (unrelated to the eating, I think), which is not helping my "equilibrium goal," either.

So I thought I'd just share some of the things I've eaten as of late -- and these are probably the more innoculous items, mainly because they were cooked (mostly by "The Ukrainian")/eaten at home.

One of the "healthier" dishes... potato pancake/latke with tuna and salad (goat cheese+olives+grape tomatoes).

This was Domino's night.  Finished a pizza between the two of us, and no running took place the next day, hah!
 First egg poaching... just put it in rapid-boiling water.  No tutorials consulted... out of laziness?

"Benedict" on lavash with black lava salt, avocado, grape tomato, and olives.  All of these olives are coming from a Costco-sized container, so I'm glad I stopped hating them.

Is the egg too runny???

To go with this breakfast (yes, I eat huge breakfasts), I vegan-ized the cherry cobbler I made in THIS post by using Earth Balance instead of butter, and I didn't notice the difference.  This piece is topped with the caramel goat cheese mentioned in THIS post, though I left mine without because the cheese tasted too "game"-y for my liking.  Does anyone else hate the "game"-y taste of things, too?  Even when I ate meat, I steered far away from veal and anything else that had that taste.

Finally, these are not carbs (although carb backward = barc... close enough???), but this is a photo of my dog at the dog park with another little guy that looks a little like my sister's dog. 

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