Monday, March 12, 2012

Vegan Fudge

On Valentine's Day, I saw THIS vegan fudge recipe posted and decided to give it a go.  I had all the ingredients laying around and was in a "no flour-y dessert" phase at the time, so it seemed perfect.

It started off as a night like any other, as "The Ukrainain" was working.  I Skyped with my undergraduate mentee, who expressed how bummed out she was to be alone on Valentine's Day.

Basically, my response was... the time will come. 

Of course, I used to hear that a lot, and it made me upset.  Sure, "the time will come" for many people, but weird and fugly me was below the worthiness level of most people.

But I did mean it.  She's a sweet girl.  So I don't see "crazy cat lady" in her future.

Found my (male) cat sleeping in this position, hehe.
 Okay, so maybe nobody escapes the "crazy cat lady" fate.

Anyway, onto the vegan fudge.  This was my Valentine's activity -- it gave me something to do and resulted in a snack that would last -- win-win!  This recipe basically involved crushing all the ingredients in the food processor and smooshing it into a pan and freezing it.

The result:

"The Ukrainian" eventually annihilated these.  I think the banana I used was too ripe, as I didn't like the strong banana flavor it had.  Also, it's not exactly "fudge"... it's more like a sticky energy bar consistency.

But tasty and satisfying, considering it made 36 pieces.

Part of my Valentine's gift (as I've mentioned, I wasn't expecting anything since this holiday was supposed to mean nothing to us):

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  1. I've seen these vegan fudges a number of times now and they've definitely intrigued me. Glad to see that you took a chance on them and got positive results. I've had a real sweet tooth lately after dinner, so maybe these would be a good option. P.S. Pretty flowers!