Monday, March 26, 2012

Banana Mango PB French Toast with Oroweat Health-Full Bread

A while back, I received a sample of a new line of Oroweat bread, called "Health-full."

I don't eat a lot of loaf bread anymore.  For ease and versatility, I usually stick to pitas and English muffins.  But there are certain things that only loaf-y breads can accomplish, French toast being one of those things.

This bread is slightly lower in calories than most bread of this type and size.  They contain 80 calories a slice and come in multi-grain and whole-wheat varieties.  The downer, though, is the traces of milk that they use.  I never understood why a lot of bread, and bread recipes, need to add powdered milk.  It makes a perfectly vegan-able thing not vegan.

Anyway, due to the milk content, "The Ukrainian" had most of the loaf, but I did make a lovely breakfast one morning by folding the final slice in half, adding peanut butter and mango butter (from Trader Joe's), and dipping it into a batter of a lightly-beaten egg, a pinch of salt, a splash of almond milk, and vanilla extract.  Cooked in some Earth Balance spread.

I also had a banana I needed to eat, so half of it was caramelized with a little more Earth Balance.

My finished French toast, topped with maple syrup.  It was pretty filling for one slice of bread, though I wish I hadn't waited until there was only one slice left in the package to make this.

"The Ukrainian" used the rest of my French toast batter and added more egg and barbecue sauce.  Yes, that means there was a slight vanilla flavoring in there.  Well, I've seen him eat worse.

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of this product as a part of a BzzAgent campaign.  I have not been otherwise compensated to provide any particular opinion about this product.


  1. That is very interesting, and sounds good actually, as I love mangos. I usually just get the texas toast bread in a loaf and go for it, but I haven't had french toast in for ever.

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