Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Wedding is On

It's Valentine's Day in this neck of the woods, though this day doesn't really bear much significance for "The Ukrainian" and me (see this post, this one, and maybe even this one for times when I was more festive).

I'm probably going to cook him something, or perhaps he will cook with me, but in general, this isn't really an eating out day, a gift day, or really a day for anything beyond our typical means.  In fact, I'm pretty sure he'll be working all day until my bedtime, so perhaps I've got a date with the television. 
But, in the spirit of today, I thought I'd provide an update on our wedding conundrum... to not have one and not have to feel awkward or waste money... or to have one as an insurance against my future, possibly-regretful self.

Yep, after much jabbering, we went with the latter option.  So, folks, without going into details about why, the wedding is on!

Notes (sorry if the spacing is poor... I tried fixing it for quite a while):

  1. So far, we've secured a venue and thereby, a date.  And since then, I've backed off a little bit. A lot bit. 
  2. I've got the (DIY!) invitations picked out, ideas for (DIY) centerpieces, and have the favor idea all set.  Lots of DIY and saving here, folks!  Plus, the guest list will be pretty small.  No need to splurge a ton on something I'm not completely sure I want!   We're both relatively penny-pinching people, so money was never the issue... but still... (see note #7)
  3. We're not sure if we need anyone beyond my hobbyist friend and attendees, who will hopefully also take wedding day photos.  But, we decided to focus on the engagement phots that we are planning on taking in March.  Yes, that's early, but we want to get it out of the way and not take pictures in the blaring heat of summer (which, in California, seems like most of the year!).  We are splurging a bit on these, but I think these are what will *last* over time. 

    (So I really need to keep up with my equilibrium goal!  Yes, I know I haven't been updating on it, because I've made little progress. *sob*  More to come.)
  4. When I went to resize my engagement ring, we basically already picked out the wedding bands.  That was a surreal moment, for sure.  Just need to go buy them at this point.  I'm pleased to know that they are affordable.
  5. So far, I have not tried on a single dress.  I will be doing this in a few weeks for formal photos, but in the meantime, I'm holding off on this.  Mostly because I'm too lazy to go to a shop, and also because I fear that my small budget -- to rent or buy -- won't be enough to make this hopeless case look good.  Hah!  Also, I have such body self-esteem issues each time because my dress size is several sizes larger than any other clothing I wear from any store.  How?!!!
  6. The date of our wedding is a lucky date, according to the Chinese almanac... and also doesn't land on Sabbath territory.  It's also a long weekend for most people... except me, because my company is kind of crazy like that.  And this date is... November 11!
  7. No honeymoon has been confirmed yet, or even when it will happen.  However, I have never been out of the country and am pretty much convinced that I need this more than a wedding.
  8. On a less fun note, it seems as though my possible future children have already been renounced.  Thanks for showing me how conditional love is.
  9. I've been learning a lot about culture and religion lately (from the reading I resolved to do in 2012), and this has been pretty fun.  Any effort I make to address my ignorances is satisfying, indeed.  I'm pretty sure if other people did this as well, #8 wouldn't be an issue.
  10. Did you know that you can apply for your marriage license online?  This made me laugh.
Are you all interested in hearing more updates?  I'm actually doing a lot of races this year in comparison to other years (see sidebar), so don't worry, the running content will definitely continue.

I'll probably end up posting some of the engagement photos -- anything else?
Happy Valentine's Day -- or Singles Awareness Day as it was for me for many, many years -- one and all!


  1. Outstanding! November weddings arethe bomb. They make for great late December honeymoons in tropical climates. Congratulations.

  2. Yay congrats on picking the date!!!! I love November - it's also my bday month so I may be biased.

    Dress shopping should be fun though! I bet you whoever goes with you will cry when they see you in a dress - you're going to look amazing!

    Pinterest has a lot of great DIY wedding stuff!!! I have also bookmarked a bunch of DIY blogs so I will email them to you later.

    Yay Happy Valentine's Day and happy planning!

  3. I personally like the wedding posts - fun to hear how you guys have decided to pull things together in a way that works for you. Though I have to ask, what does it mean that your future children have been renounced? Is that a church thing?

  4. Don't worry, once those grand-kids are for real, no one will stick by their initial grumpilstilskin "renouncing"!

    And, it's good to already be applying for that marriage license since that's what legally binds you! I had some college friends who got married and never got the license. So, technically, they weren't married until about 3 days after their ceremony!

  5. DIY site: http://somethingturquoise.com/

  6. Sorry about the renouncing.

    There was no renouncing in my interracial relationship. When Sean told his parents that he proposed and I said yes, his dad asked if I was pregnant. The first time I met his mom, she was already talking about grandkids.

    Anyway, I'm a fan of wedding updates. It's cool to see what other people are doing. I'm not into the DIY thing (yet), but I do enjoy seeing all the creative things people can do with some scissors, fabric and a glue gun.

  7. CONGRATS! You won't regret having the wedding...and you're right - DIY stuff is a great way to save. Can't wait to hear more as the date approaches. Cute pic of the two of you.

  8. Oh man, the religion thing is rough. Been there. I wish you the best. Just remember that you love the Ukrainian and he loves you. At the end of the day, there'll be plenty times where that's the only thing that matters.