Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Exhale Core Fusion - Body Sculpt

I saw this Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD while reading more about The Bar Method DVDs.  As I've said way too many times here, I've been depending on these DVDs for a good part of my workouts nowadays because I've essentially quit my gym.

The two methods are kind of similar, focusing on small movements to tone the body.  I also feel this method has helped my overall fitness, including my running fitness.

So while that picture of a butt on the cover isn't exactly what I want to see, I do want to share that it (the DVD!) has worked its way into my regular rotation.

The disc consists of five 10-minute workouts -- upper body, thighs, seat, abs, and stretch.  You can do one, or play all, of these to make up your workout.  Each workout is narrated either by Liz or Fred, so get used to the changes if you're doing the whole thing.

Here's my review of each of the segments:

Equipment needed: sturdy chair or countertop, a strap/towel, two 2-4 lb. weights, small open wall space, yoga mat or soft surface

Upper body - The first time I did this, I couldn't make it through without putting the weights down!  And I only have 3-pounders!!  It is still hard now, and I sometimes still need to take a breather... it's kind of killer, at least compared to other DVDs in this genre.  Definitely expect a sore factor with this one.

Thighs - Again, tougher than others... my legs always shake doing these, which is definitely a good thing!  My thighs are pretty fit from running and general strength work I do on them, so it wasn't exactly HARD but not easy, either.

Seat - Same impression as with the thigh work.  Need to watch your back here... follow the form carefully!

Abs - This is the second toughest section of the DVD.  You really need to pay attention to form here, although that's true for all the sections.  And if you're a beginner, this won't be very do-able at all!  You'll need a wall for this one.

Stretch - Of course, this is the easiest section, but it's important to stretch the muscles for the full effect of these type of workouts.

As for results, I apologize for not taking photos of my behind -- or maybe I'm NOT sorry -- but I am pretty sure that I'd get some pretty awesome results if I did this more than one a week.  I can say that, in combination with some short runs and my other DVDs, I saw rapid and definite changes, especially in my abs and lower body.  By "rapid," I mean that approximately 10 workouts should be enough to show a noticeable difference, though it will likely be less than that.

Bonus: these DVDs are pretty cheap!

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  1. I love short, tough workouts. I feel like I don't work out my legs nearly enough, so I'm sure those thigh workouts would be killer for me!