Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mac and Shews

As you might know, I've had an obsession with vegan mac 'n cheese.

I didn't document too many steps of making THIS "Mac 'N Shews" recipe, but here is some of the dish aftermath:

Food processor, strainer, straining cloth, big pots, small pots, and knives made this is a longer process than I had hoped.

But the result was pretty darn good.

I followed her recipe exactly, except that I replaced half of the pasta with a broccoli crown that I had.

This was my first time making cashew "cheeze," and although it still isn't quite the cheese that I know and love (not my stomach, though!), it does give food a creaminess that other vegan faux-cheese foods seem to lack.

This casserole-type dish made plenty of leftovers, and for some reason, a lot of leftover cashew cheese.  Stay tuned for how I ended up using this.

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  1. That looks very tasty! I didn't know cashews could be used in such a way. That is very clever, and I love cashews in general. Nicely done!