Thursday, January 19, 2012

ThinkThin Bars

I finally tried these ThinkThin bars after scoffing at them whenever I saw them in the supermarkets.  (Plus, they went on sale.)

With a gimmicky name that uses the word "thin," I was skeptical.  Also, since the bar wasn't vegan, I was doubly dubious.

On the upside, this bar contains 20 grams of protein and no sugar, so it's actually not a bad meal-on-the-go (part of that meal, anyway, if your appetite is like mine).

The downside is that I didn't like the taste of this bar.  Eating it reminded me why I stopped eating whey protein (which contains little lactose and is generally OK for my intolerant self).  It is not nearly as delicious as Clif Builder bars, so I think it's unlikely that I will bother with them again. 

Bottom line, if you are not vegan and don't mind the whey taste, I'd say it's not a bad energy bar.


  1. Thanks for the review. I have looked at these bar several times my self. Wondereing if they would be any good

  2. I love clif builders bars, especially the mint chocolate one.

  3. With a name like that.............................

  4. I LOVE Think Thin bars...they are my favorite go to protein bar! No sugar and you forgot to mention gluten free! The flavors have actually grown on me the peanut butter and chocolate flavors!