Monday, December 19, 2011

Zensah Compression Socks

Hey, folks!

My work location has shut down for the holidays (didn't think I'd get to take part in this, but I can... yay!), so I am planning on spending the time wisely by:

- going snowboarding
- getting a smog check, going to the dentist, and other nagging errands
- helping to babysit my niece
- baking with my little sister
- running???

Speaking of running, I have been a bit out of it since the marathon, in spite of my intentions to train for the next one and a half-marathon that I may or may not do on January 8 (it was free, thus my flippant-ness).

How "out of it" have I been?  Well, on the week of December 5, I ran 15 miles... total.  And I felt hugely accomplished for doing so. I'm probably going to pay for it during my half-marathon, but it might be enough to snap me into sanity...  The same thing happened in 2009 prior to my PR marathon, so maybe the same thing will happen?  But perhaps I'm getting too old to pull that off again.

Anyway, I should really get into running long distances again, so I can continue to wear these around.  I have a pair of CEP Compression sleeves but wanted another, cheaper pair to wear for recovery.  When I saw a 50% coupon for Zensah compression socks, I bit!

These are different from CEP socks in that they are not as tight around the calf.  I don't know if that's a good or bad thing... only time will tell.  Because of this, I didn't feel like I have monster calves because I didn't have to order the next size up.

The sock portion (which my sleeves don't have) are comfortable and thick.  I don't do well with thick socks when I run (toenail issues and blisters tend to become more likely), so for now, I am still using these socks for recovery.  The socks are fitted for the left and right feet, so the socks are labeled "L" and "R" for reference.

Finally, I just think this particular pattern (diamonds) is pretty darn cute.

I'm not entirely sure these are all that helpful... it makes the initial part of recovery a little more comfortable, but when it comes to a longer-term effect, I haven't felt any.  So far, I've felt the same the next day as I would have without wearing compression socks for recovery.  But sometimes, there's just something nice about bundling yourself up after a run.


  1. I got the same deal but they ran out of those argyle pattern! :( I ended up getting black instead but I like them anyway, wore them in the marathon.

    I wear the CEP ones as well and feel that the Zensah are not as tight.

  2. When I tried the CEP brand at an expo I realized how Different Zennsah is! Im saving my pennies because I think CEP will provide better compression and recovery over time

  3. These sock look great! Especially now that it's all cold. ;)