Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cappuccino Larabar

So I received a little package just before Christmas.

Let's just say I've already indulged in this Cappuccino Larabar (for other Larabar reviews, click HERE), coming to a store near you in 2012.

This bar contains coffee-flavored chocolate bits among the nuts and dates and would be perfect with tea.  Or coffee, I guess, but that would be a bit much for people like me who can only tolerate so much coffee.

Thanks, Larabar!

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of this product to review and was not compensated to provide any particular opinion.


Teamarcia said...

Sounds delish! I really enjoy their PB choc chip ones.

Cynthia O'H said...

Sounds yummy to me too!

Michelle said...

I have never had a Lara Bar.... shocking!

Glenn Jones said...

I'm much more a fruit and nut type of guy (i.e., Clif Bar).