Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Special Pop Tarts

I'm sure these babies are the epitome of calorie-dense yet not-filling foods.

But somehow, perhaps due to nostalgia, parts of these end up being a sugar-y snack once in a while.  The last time I mentioned these was last year... click here to read about the pumpkin pie variety.

Of course, I wouldn't waste this treat time on a "regular" Pop Tart... no, I have to sample special ones.

Like this one:

And more exclusively, this one:

Honestly, neither of these tasted phenomenal, though of the two, the confetti one was better.  I would totally rather eat something I've baked, even though these things don't stop fascinating me.


  1. i LOVE pop tarts!! But they are definitely part of the reason I'm on a weight loss journey in the first place :-(