Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saucony ProGrid Stabil 2

I've been running in the same shoes for about six or seven months now.  The last pair I got was my third (? fourth?) set of Saucony Hurricanes.

These Saucony Stabils are motion-control shoes.  I have been evaluated before and advised to wear this type of shoe.  However, after a poor experience with the heaviness, I have stuck to wearing stability shoes.

  • Motion-control shoes = you have scant arches and need to control your overpronating (titling your food awkwardly while running).... usually heavy as heck
  • Stability shoes = you overpronate while running; they also make stability+ shoes that provide additional support
On a recent trip to an outlet mall, I ventured into the Saucony store.  Since this was only my second time at this particular outlet, I asked myself... was this store always there?  WHY did I not go sooner?!

I scored these Stabils for less than $70, AFTER taxes.  Kind of a steal, since my last pair ran for about double that.  There was a coupon in the directory/map of the mall, so "The Ukrainian" and I were able to save $$$ on our purchases.

I was convinced to try motion-control again after realizing how light these felt on my feet.  Since I have been running in this brand for a long time, I could tell the differences between this one and the Hurricanes were pretty subtle.

Score.  Score.

These are the shoes I am going to wear to my marathon, and so far, I have noticed less foot and arch pain during my training runs with these.  And no, they aren't too heavy, even though my steps tend to be.



  1. Glad the new kicks are working out well for you!

  2. I get a sense of real fear when buying new shoes. Im always afraid they won't work with my super high arches. I hope these are everything you hope for!

  3. Oh I love getting a deal on shoes. I just ordered a pair for less than half of what I was originally thinking I'd have to pay! Yay for deals.

  4. Thanks for sharing your shoe buying experience. Getting a good deal on something like runing shoes is awesome. When I know exactly what I want, I will just buy them online. Usually a shoe I have purchased before at the running store. But I have neutural feet so my choices are broader than most runners. Cheers and enjoy your new running shoes.

  5. ohh i love my saucony's. but i have gone away from anything stability because I feel like I remain more injury free in their low profile shoes

  6. Yay! I found you! See you at the meeting today. ;)

  7. I need new shoes soooo bad. These look goooood!