Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Negative Seasonal Changes

I'm a cold-weather runner for sure.

I'm super excited about the cool down, cool evening runs, cute winter clothes (because we don't have a real "winter" in Southern California), and warm drinks.   And of course, I'm hoping for cool weather during my upcoming marathon this weekend (mentioned for, like, the 1000th time).

Of course, things can turn ugly with the cooler weather.  For one thing, I might have to get back into my running sweats.  And then we have to worry about people sniffling their way into spreading their colds to us.

And just as I figured out a way to maintain my skin in the summer, it starts flaking randomly... like snowflakes.  (Did I just put a gross image in your head or what?!)

I was sent this line of sensitive skin products to try.  I don't think I have "sensitive skin" per se, except when the weather changes like it has been...

I like Burt's Bees.  Their pomegranite lip balm is one of the few that doesn't send my lips into utter clown-dom.  This facial cleanser and lotion don't have fragrance.  I like fragrance, but for the sake of natural-ness, I'm willing to deal.

I wish this face wash would foam more, and I do feel a bit jipped of that "squeaky clean" feel that I normally get post-wash, but perhaps those are precisely the qualities that make this good for sensitive skin.

With other lotions, I sometimes get burning from lotions if my skin is very dry.  Not with this one.

I'm planning on using this lotion (under my sunscreen, of course!) on my face when I'm running around in the 40-degree weather that I'm sure is coming this Fall.  Gotta protect my face from that biting wind (or at least what people from my area consider as "biting")!
FTC Disclaimer: I received these products from BzzAgent to review and was free to post my true opinions.


  1. I like colder weather too...but not too cold. Running in the cold is refreshing but I get angry when it's cold AND windy

  2. I'll be thinking of you! I'll be running my FIRST :)

  3. The weather at the Philly marathon is always super unpredictable - from 19 degrees in 2008 to 65 in 2009, and everything in between. Almost time to start looking at what this year will look like!

    Enjoy the chill and knock 'em dead this weekend!

  4. i like cool weather, but maybe not least not cold whe nI have to stand around waiting for people to show up or the race to start :)