Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ironman Muscle Rub Gel

I have been having some problems with my knee on-and-off since I started training for the Santa Barbara Marathon this past July.  For a short time, it bothered me during each run, then only during long runs when I struck the wrong way, and now, it usually doesn't bother me at all when running.  (If the pain were bad enough, the wimp in me would probably have me reconsidering my racing plans.)

I have been fortunate that it has been mostly fine lately, though I WILL have to rehab my {right} knee after this race.  How do I figure?  Well, when I'm laying on my back, I can lift my straight left leg to the ceiling, while doing this with my right leg would cause a scary pain in the knee.

Comes to show I don't think I can ever be an *Ironman*, but at least I can feel cool by using this blue muscle rub gel.  Probably would do me better to get something more than a sample, then. =P

I used some of this before a recent half-marathon that I ran, and by the race's end, the parts of me that ended up hurting from all the terrain were parts that I did *not* slather with this gel.  The stuff instantly cooled my legs (yes, I kind of slathered it all over, concentrating on said knee), and I could actually still feel it working a bit during the race as well.

As a side note...

...you may notice that I write a lot about pain relief products and injuries on this site.  I wish it didn't have to be that way, but I do believe that some people's bodies are just more amenable to running than others'.  I hope that age does not add to my issues, but I can only just continue to work out and make sure I remain "balanced."


  1. Yeah, I'm kind of prone to things hurting like you. I've never tried a gel like this before though...

  2. I'm regularly experiencing muscle pain from weight lifting (not DOMS and not improper posture). I'm wondering if this would work for me.

  3. ^^To the above (if this isn't a spam), it is pretty strong for a gel... I'd recommend it.