Thursday, November 17, 2011

Candle Cafe Macaroni and Vegan Cheese

I have given the whole vegan mac thing plenty of tries.  I'm not even sure why, as I can't say that it's one of my favorite foods. 

I might have mentioned this before, but I had their weird obsession with Kraft's as a kid.  Since I didn't get to eat it and thought the school lunch version was good, I was elated when my older sister S made some for dinner one night.  Sadly, it became inpalatable after a short time, yet my fascination with it somehow continues.

I picked this vegan boxed meal up at Whole Foods because they had a coupon in their flyer.

The verdict?  The smell was fine, the choice of noodles was good, but then the texture of the cheese... I don't know.  Some of it was coagulated to the point of no return, so even distribution was impossible.  The taste was actually not bad.  It wasn't as tangy as I'd hope mac n cheese to be, but it was pretty similar to cheese as I know it and didn't seem overly processed.

So if you can get over some globs of cheese, this isn't a bad choice if you're vegan and having the pangs for mac n cheese.


  1. That mac looks pretty decent, I mean, I've certainly seen worse! Thanks for keeping us in the vegan-cheese-related loop!

    Pretty specific loop, huh?

  2. Im just wondering, was it worth the money? lol. Referring to cheese as coagulated?.......Love it. Take care and enjoy. Ill just stick with Kraft.

  3. hehehe~like Kenley said, "coagulated" is a cool and interesting way to describe it! It looks good, but texture IS a big factor for many of us. :P

  4. Wow...that does not look or sound very appetizing.

  5. The part that sucked is that it was $7 for a not large portion. I only bought it because I was jonesing for Mac and cheese, but too tired to make for scratch after a long day. But $7 is ridiculous. I'll sign up for coupons on their site.

  6. ^^ Thanks to the commenter(s?) above!