Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sports Besides Running

Since I was a runner in high school, I've always had appreciation for the sport, even when I was too busy or too unmotivated to participate in it myself (i.e., most of college).  For years, I loved the Olympics/Olympic trials because I'd get to watch the track-and-field-ers do the same stuff that I did, pro style.  Also, once a year, we were treated to coverage of the LA Marathon, so I never, ever questioned how far that distance was.

As a side note, besides running, I loved to watch swimming, ice skating, and gymnastics during various Olympic games.  Also, I particularly remember oggling at soccer players during the World Cup and Russian male gymnasts.

I guess taste develops early.

Anyway, when I started running distance races, I started watching more marathons, and when I got my bike, I watched bike tours, triathlons, and pretty much any biking/running and even swimming event I could find when I was bored in front of the TV.

But along with those, I've learned to just go with the flow when it comes to local team revelry, even if my interests in these sports are tepid at the moment.

For instance, hockey season about to start this week.  You may recall that I went to my first hockey game last year and had a really good time.  I think I find way too many similarities between soccer and hockey... so I guess I have to like it.  We made a return visit to the arena recently for some fandom.

I may have also engaged in this:

Dodgers + UCLA = Los Angeles fandom combined into 1

Don't get me wrong... I can't "do" all sports... basketball I could take it or leave it.  And don't get me started on football.  I mean, I'll watch other sports, just because I've always had a great respect for sportsmanship and athletes in general, but right now, I can only do so much? ;)

What other sports are you "into" besides endurance sports?


  1. It's gotta be basketball for me...I'm a diehard fan of the Lakers. I hope there is a season this year!
    That being said, I have to admit that watching live hockey is one of the MOST exciting events to go to.

  2. I've always followed Philly sports to some degree (with the exception of hockey, actually), but when I married a rabid New England sports fan, I was forced to up my game. Now I can talk Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies with the best 'em :)

  3. It seems like all my UCLA friends were at that game. I'm jealous I didn't get that hat.

    I'm a HUGE Dodgers fan, but really couldn't get in to it this season. I went to half a dozen games, but that's a little bit for me. Even with the McCourt drama and the violence at the home opener, Chavez Ravine is still one of my happy places.

    Aside from baseball, I follow basketball, football, World Cup soccer (being honest, that's when I'm most pro-Mexico). I tend to pay more attention in the playoffs, especially with the Lakers.

  4. Ugh. I liked you until you mentioned that UCLA thing. Oh well. I guess everyone needs a college to attend.

    Go Trojans!