Friday, October 7, 2011

No Race This Weekend

I was supposed to run a half-marathon this weekend, but earlier this week, I received an e-mail that said that the race has been postponed until November 20.

Strangely, I took the news pretty well. 

Yes, this was supposed to be a "yardstick" race to see how my training has been going.  It was supposed to be a small getaway for me, in this city that is about 50 miles away, filled with the hugest outlets I've ever seen.  Plus, the weather has plunged this week into these amazing running temps that are very conducive to PRs.

To top it off, the new race date is just one week after my goal marathon on November 12.  This means I am not even certain if I will be at the starting line.  While I would run a race close to a marathon, it would always be BEFORE.  After is another story.

Of course, this was not a goal race.  This was not a marathon.  I feel bad for those who ARE signed up and have been training for the full marathon, only to have the race postponed like that.  But, this has happened to me before, even worse, in the hours before the start of the race.  Oh, good times....

But since I can't predict the future, I can only just go with the flow and re-arrange my weekend as follows:

- Do my long run of 10 miles (which was on the original schedule before accounting for the race) and blog about my week in training
- Meet my new niece
- Attend a baby shower
- Enjoy this cooler weather with "The Ukrainian," who is so busy these days that our time together is limited
- Work on Halloween costumes
- Dine with my best friends
- Wish my sister, formerly known as Tea Time, a great Long Beach Marathon!!


  1. That sucks your half was post-poned! My next marathon is coming up and (unfortunately) about six weeks later I'm going to end up doing a half because I couldn't find a fourth relay partner....woe is me (lol). Have a good long run!

  2. My sister was signed up for the 2008 Pasadena marathon too. That was bad luck with the fire. Congrats on the new niece and good luck to your sister!

  3. Send some of your awesome running weather my way. We have been experiencing a renaissance of summer temperatures here in MN!

    Sorry your race got postponed. But your re-arranged weekend plans sound nice too!

  4. What a bummer! Did they at least have a good reason for canceling the race?