Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marathon Training: Week 12

If you're following along, here is the TWELFTH week of training according to the 4 Months to a 4-Hour Marathon book.  The paces below are specifically for the 4-hour goal.  If anyone would like the paces for 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, or 5:00, I can start posting them alongside my plan if you let me know.

I am also posting on DailyMile, but everything (and more!) will be posted here as well.  This "Marathon Training" series is an experiment for me both in fitness and in blogging, as I am going to go into more detail than in previous training cycles, documented on my Training page.


Last Week in Review:

Here is the original schedule from last week and my comments/modifications.

First of all, thanks for the encouraging comments from last week.  Whether you've "been there" or not, sometimes it's good for me to get a nice nudge... for I'm not a natural athlete (let my flat feet and short height tell you that).

The 21-miler started off pretty well (was running sub-10's for the first few miles, which is atypical), but the sun came in early and fiercely, and due to nausea I was getting from the heat, I ultimately had to walk maybe a total of .75 mi in that run... as I was in "survival mode" by then.  I managed to hold off leg cramps that was starting at freaking Mile 9 but then mostly was fine afterward.  I was really careful with hydration and salt-tablet intake.  I also had 3 GU gels.

One more monster run left until taper.... thank goodness.

Week of Sept 26 (Week 11)
Monday - rest <-- happily obliged, except for 15-ish minutes of chest work from Gym-Free and Ripped
Tuesday - jog 30 minutes <-- 9:40 pace, jogged next to a dude who had bad breath, drank water like every 30 seconds, and kept coughing (I've run near him before -- it's just something he does and not illness) 
Wednesday - 3 mi at 8:45/mi <-- 8:43 pace on treadmill
Thursday - jog 30 minutes or rest <-- rested due to fatigue (did strength training on legs)
Friday - cross-train 30 minutes <-- elliptical and strength on arms/shoulders
Saturday - 21 mi at 10:40-11:10 <-- pace unknown
Sunday - rest

This Week:

I don't think I mentioned this (only made a little hint on my right sidebar), but I'm running the Camarillo Half-Marathon again this year.  Last year, had the course not ran a bit long, I think I would have PR-ed, so I'm not expecting to this year and will be satisfied if I run it sub-2.  The mileage is definitely peaking around this time (wait till you see next week's!), so I don't want to burn myself out and/or re-injure myself.

Week of Oct 3 (Week 12)
Monday - jog 40 minutes
Tuesday - cross-train 30 minutes
Wednesday - 7 mi at 8:45-8:50/mi
Thursday - jog 30 minutes or rest
Friday - rest
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 13.1, Camarillo Half-Marathon

Do you care if race courses are not measured accurately?

This has made a difference to me... mostly they run long, sometimes they run long due to my inability to not veer around while running, and a couple of times, they actually ran short!

To be continued...


  1. thanks for sharing your training plan! I am so happy i found it. I thought I would have to run/train more miles for my first half marathon. I am currently in Delhi and dont have any place to run outside except a 300m round circle in the park nearby. I end up running 15-20 laps there but it usually gets so hot due to the humidity that i would definitely have to split up my training in two parts if i'd wanna run more. I am also teaching yoga so it seems like i get too little time. do u have any advice for time-tight marathon trainers?

  2. 12 weeks!! That's crazy, girl!
    I think I'd definitely care if it were a longer race - half or full mary. I've had a couple half's that my garmin measured longer, but that could have been from me darting around and what not :)

  3. I hate it when a course isn't accurate. I mean, I expect it to be off by a little bit but it drives me crazy if a course if too long (long more than a quarter mile).