Monday, October 24, 2011

Making "Mmm Sauce"

I wasn't sure if I should try this, but I saw some blogs raving about this "Mmm Sauce" from the Peas and Thank You blog.

However, I already had a lot of the ingredients lying around, so I figured I'd give it a go.

Any excuse to use the food processor is very welcome!

By the time this finishing whorling around, I couldn't help but dip a lentil chip in there for some sampling.  It was very tasty, though a little on the tangy side since I didn't have lemon juice and instead used lime.

When "The Ukrainian" ate it in the dinner pictured below, the first thing he said was, "Mmm."  I guess this validates the sauce's name!

On the same plate are some microwaved mixed veggies (so classy), red quinoa, and roasted tofu (at 425 degrees for about 35 min) that I marinated briefly in Frank's Red Hot (even classier).  Those tofu nuggets were actually VERY good with the sauce, not too spicy at all.

And yes, that's a huge block of (Costco) sliced cheese in the background.

And my first pumpkin ale.  I liked it!  We bought a 6-pack from World Market (since I'm in love with that store) for $6.99.  You can taste fall spices in there! 

Also love how this bottle looks alongside all the other Fall stuff that I put on "The Ukrainian"'s dining table... the table runner is a recent addition from TJMaxx (for cheap!).  So was the candy *gulp* but luckily, they are just for show, because I was not a fan of the taste.

As an added bonus, this sauce was used in other meals, including in this form:


  1. I have been curious about the mmmm sauce since I read Caitlin's blog and she raves about it. I might give it a try now.

  2. Your dinner is SO classy! Looks like mine does pretty much every evening. Microwaves are used far too often with my dinners...why put veggies on the stove and wait for them to defrost? That tofu actually looks really good!

  3. you HAVE to try Wasatch pumpkin beer. Its like pumpkin and apple mulled cider. Im going to have to make this sauce because I have everything on hand!

  4. I too have seen this mmmm sauce everywhere and am yet to try it. But I have a problem...where do you get nutritional yeast? I buy all of my 'health' products at Fairway market and they don't carry it (I've asked). And what 'section' of the grocery store do you find this in? Help!?!