Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exotic Foods (and Alive to Tell the Tales)

Today, I am 26.5.

What...... you don't celebrate your half-birthday??? ;)

On behalf of today, I'd like to share with you some things that may have put a dent in my 26.5 years or perhaps in my years to come.

(!!!"Healthy living bloggers" beware... sugar and raw meat ahead!!!)

First, we'll start with this.  These gummies are similar to THESE that I mentioned last year, both found at World Market.  I scored this jar for less than $2, but it lasted me a couple of months.  That's amazing for me, because I have one of the worst sweet tooths I know, and gummies are my favorite.

I'm sad that I can't find them in the store anymore, which I discovered when I went back for a refill.  These gummies come in unique flavors like coke and currant and are very... gummy/waxy, so they take a long time to eat, are relatively low in sugar, and can withstand being stored in the car during summer.

Unlike these (some gummies from the mall that melted into this one large, mega-gummy):

I ate that gummy, yes I did.

And one day, while in Santa Monica with "The Ukrainian," we decided to just bypass all the chewing and go for the liquid stuff:

Melted Belgian chocolate.... $3.  This was pretty heavenly.  I felt like I stepped into Europe for the 15 minutes this thing lasted.

On a healthier note, vegan salad dressings are pretty exotic to me.  I think I've taken down half of this jar by now.  I think I find this food "extreme" for me because for the longest time, I did not eat salad dressing.  Yep, I pretty much ate my salads "dry."  Now that I've developed a slight aversion to leafy greens, this stuff has helped me choke/get that stuff down.

I've also taken to "foo-foo" packaged oats.  These are freaky to me since I bought them on clearance at Target.  Since these are made with old fashioned oats, you have to microwave them in a deep-ish bowl... it will not cook if you just dump boiling water on it!

These are far better than instant oats, though I can still make a pretty huge bowl of oats for about the same number of calories.

Here's a healthy food that might be pretty cringe-worthy to some.  If you are new here, I generally don't eat meat... and for a long time (up until THIS point), this included fish. 

But now... I've pretty much become a cat.

This tuna came from "The Ukrainian"'s fishing trip... I asked maybe 10 times if it was okay to eat it, and he said yes, and obviously, since he's an electrical engineer, I took his nutritional advice. =/

Still alive.

P.S. If you were expecting to see me eat bugs or rats in this post, sorry!