Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Traumeel Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Long ago, when I ran the San Francisco Half-Marathon in 2009 (okay, so not THAT long ago), I thought I was going to get my first DNF (did not finish).

I had been having a horrible hip pain that even made it hard to walk sometimes, so my training went on the wayside.

During the expo, Traumeel cream samples were handed out.  I rubbed a lot on my hip, and I made it through the race!

Then, in Fargo back in May for a marathon, I was handed out a sample of the pill form of Traumeel.  While I don't like taking a zillion pills (and have never taken Tylenol/etc. for running-related pain), I put it aside for a "rainy day."  These pills are for muscle and joint pain, and the folks at the expo told me that they are helpful for after a marathon (although I didn't feel like I needed them after that particular one given how slow I was!).

Well, that "rainy day" came.  My knee has been fickle throughout this marathon training cycle.  I have been being really good about stretching, warming up, and taking my vitamins.  I haven't done anything strange that would suddenly cause something I've never really had before (knee pain).  Since there is no apparent real reason why my knee has been a bit tender, I decided to take a few of these (3 per day as recommended) to see if they would help.

The verdict?

Well, my knee problem has not gotten any worse, but is this a victory?  One thing I noticed less soreness from training in general in the days I took this stuff, though of course, it did nothing for my energy levels (alas...).  If you're looking for a non-Tylenol/ibuprofen approach to pain, this could be it!

Would you take medicine for running-related pain? 
FTC Disclaimer: I was handed a sample of this at an expo and was not compensated to provide any sort of opinion.

Warning: Pain could be a signal of a serious injury.  Please use discretion when taking pain medications of any kind, as you may be masking the symptoms rather than addressing the cause.


  1. I've used the Traumeel cream before and it really helps. Don't know how I feel about pill form though.

  2. I use Traumeel cream all the time, no clue they had it in pill form either. I wonder what's in it?

  3. I've been using traumeel for years - both in pill form as straight arnica and in the cream. I swear by it for bruises and injuries!

  4. I dig these little reviews related to running. While I don't try to take too many medications on a non-recreational basis, a good NSAID probably goes a long way when the 'ol knee is acting up. I'm curious to try the cream form.