Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SalonPas Pain Relief Patch

Have you ever used pain patches?  Do they seem to work?

When it comes to running-related pain, I try to be careful distinguishing "normal" pain from "potentially long-lasting" pain.  For example, if I'm sore, I never use anything... it's that "good" kind of hurt that takes a while to set apart from "bad" hurt.  "Bad" hurts, for me, include any pain that is sharp and any pain that feels like a tender painful bruise to the touch.

The area you see in the picture below is of the latter category.

I prefer using patches over creams, mostly because they are less messy.  I find both effective if the pain is going to be receptive things besides rest.

I like these SalonPas Pain Relief patches because after a few minutes, the area under the patch feels slightly warm and cooled, at the same time.  Somehow!  These feel soooo good that I wish I could put a bunch all over my body, but I don't think that is safe. 

The patches themselves are flexible and stay on pretty well, assuming you don't put lotions under it or sweat too much or put it in a location that is simply not amenable to patches (like joints).

And thankfully, after a day or so of patches, this spot was declared healed... for now.


  1. i have used patches and i agree that they are much less messy and easy to use. hope it stays healed for you!

  2. Thankfully, I haven't felt true "pain" from running in years. And, I've never used patches, but glad it is working well for you!

  3. Whenever I see or hear "Salon Pas" all I can think about is the smell at the L.A. Marathon....

  4. Do note that cold therapy is only good for temporary relief. Ignoring occasional pains because you can treat them with SalonPas is a bad idea, given that you can develop chronic disorders.

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