Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review: LL Cool J's Platinum Workout

I am one of those people who would rather check out a book than buy it, at least while I'm reviewing it.  I've been following my budget (a New Years' Resolution that is finally coming to fruition!), and miscellaneous books just don't fit in it.

I was never fond of libraries as a kid.  I think I was traumatized by one once because I had to make copies of the encylopedia for a project, and I didn't have enough money. 

I guess times haven't changed much.

My library has lots of interesting, more modern books in it -- certainly moreso than when I was a kid.  Vegan cookbooks and even running books are there, and if they aren't, I can easily go online and request them.  Sweet!

For example, I recently saw this LL Cool J's Platinum Workout on the shelf.  The first reactions I had were:

1) LL Cool J wrote a book?!
2) LL Cool J is that ripped?!

So... I checked it out -- err, the book, that is.  Combining my interests of working out and rapping totally reeled me in!

The book is broken down into stages -- basically, you spend a few weeks following his relatively clean-eating plan and workouts and earn a bronze body.... and then a few more weeks for a gold body.  After many weeks of craziness, you can achieve the platinum body

I was reading along in here in this sequence until I realized that there is a section just for "the ladies" -- the diamond body.  I love how his writing changes in this section to sweet-talk the ladies.  He tries to convince us girls that we want a diamond body when we're being presented with diamonds and that we shouldn't worry about bulking up, since he wants to be the hardest thing in the bed (whoaaaa innuendo!).

All in all, I don't have any room in my workout routine for whipping myself up into shape a-la Todd James Smith (his real name!), but the book was a good read with some useful tips and great color photos of each exercise he recommends (he's one of the models.............).  The book also has lots of great LL Cool J quotes (from songs) and recommendations for lifestyle changes in order to basically get ripped.

I will probably come back to this book at some point when I really need to whip myself into shape in a fun way.


  1. I just read on that Todd James is giving marital advice.
    He's definitely a multifaceted guy.

  2. It seems like every celebrity out there has a workout book nowadays

  3. LL Cool J went from singing to movies to writing - back to TV (isn't he on a CSI show now?). He looks like he knows fitness, but not sure I'd want to look like him - being a girl and all ;)