Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blender Bottle

This is a review of something I'm really glad I finally bought!

I used to mix protein powder in cheap water containers with a sport/pop top that I'd get from expos or job fairs.  The protein would clump and plug up the opening, so I'd have to drink the stuff by unscrewing the lid.  I'd have so much trouble getting the protein IN the bottles that I almost gave up.

I could blend protein powder in smoothies, but I go to the gym on the way to work, so that's not really a practical solution.  Yes, I drink my protein straight. ;)

But then, I got this Blender Bottle from yes... GNC.  There was a promo on it, so "The Ukrainian" also ended up with (a larger) one.

- Small size (10 oz) is perfect for my needs... I fill it up about halfway with water after the protein powder.
- The blender ball... I don't get any clumping in my protein
- The flip-top lid is perfect for drinking!
- No leaking (make sure you snap everything into place first!)
- BPA-free

- Bottle rattles when you walk around with it empty... but who cares?
- Protein "milk" mustaches and embarrassingly taking photos of said mustache