Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SofSole Fit Insoles

I've seen SofSole products in stores before, but after some past experiences with insoles in general, I have only learned that they are great for making your running shoes feel fresh(er) for a short period of time.  However, they don't seem to make my feet feel like they are better off.

I'm pretty flat-footed.  I once got custom insoles made for me and was told by the person doing it that they might not help much, due to my low arch.  In a world of normal-arched people who run well, I sort of flap around in comparison.

SofSole Fit is a new line of insoles that are "custom made" for your foot.  I think I've seen similar for Dr. Scholl's before, in certain drugstores with kiosks that actually measure the pressure from your feet as you stand and then make a recommendation.

Anyway, I asked to try a low arch pair and also a normal/medium arch pair for "The Ukrainian" to try.  I figure that since my feet are so "messed up," he would be a better reviewer than me.  As a backstory to that, "The Ukrainian" did a thorough running shoe assessment once and was told he basically runs perfectly -- almost no pronation/supination (essentially, he runs with straight ankles), good stride, medium arch with even pressure applied to the floor as he stands.  He rarely gets injured and can run in many shoes, even ones that are sold at "regular" stores.

My overpronating, flat-footed self was a tad jealous. ;)

This is what "The Ukrainian" had to say (as verbatim as I could get it) about the medium-arch SofSole Fits:

"Actually, at first, they felt a little weird, like my foot was stuck uncomfortably in the shoes.  But after I started running in them, they actually felt really good, and I've been using them in my cheap [~$30] running shoes."

Here is an older pair of running shoes with the insoles tucked in there.

As for me, I had a little hard time getting these into my shoes, as they are not nearly as flexible as I'm used to insoles being.  Of course, I'm sure they need to be rigid (should I throw in a "TWSS" joke in there, or is that beyond the scope of this blog?) in order to hold the arch. 

I think these insoles have given my shoes new life, and they still feel supportive and comfortable to run in again.  For a while before these insoles, I felt my arch collapsing/aching during some runs, but these have minimized that.

As "The Ukrainian" said, one caveat (though this didn't bother me) is that the insole IS a bit thicker than the ones that come inside shoes by default.  So the shoe becomes slightly more shallow, which would bring your foot closer to the laces at the top.  I think that loosening the laces a tiny bit would counter that.


  1. I have never had great results from insoles. I have the highest arch ever. My feet look like the binded ladies. That plus a 6'1 foot frame it makes for tired feet. Good luck finding something that works.
    Im moving my blog, I hope you will follow!

  2. I've toyed around with getting insoles myself. I supinate, which is quite uncommon and so there are not a lot of shoes out there that work for me. Every time I go to a running store they suggest custom insoles - maybe these will be something to try! Let me know how they work long term :)

  3. I used to use insoles in my Nike shoes but now that I have switched to Asics I don't feel I need them

  4. Yes -The New Sof Sole FIT's are a very nice Orthtotic Arch Support Insert. Those who are familiar with Superfeet or Powerstep will recognize the foot support system -quite different then Sof Sole's other line-up of insoles. They come in a Low, Neutral, & High Arch style. Let us know at -if we can be of help.

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