Monday, August 22, 2011

Mini Muffins

Bigger isn't always better.

Which is why I made these jelly muffins in our new mini-muffin tin.  Well, I should say "our," because it was part of my birthday gift to "The Ukrainian," but I feel that if I'll get more use out of it than he will.  Although, that depends on how one defines "use."

The baking scene:

Non-sequitur!  I pointed my camera upwards to take a photo of the new kitchen lighting.  It used to just be flourescent lights covered with clear sheets, but a plumbing issue from upstairs resulted in the need to change them out completely to this recessed lighting setup.  So handy!

Anyway, like the last time I made these muffins, I had to grind up flax seeds due to my stubbornness to use up what I have (whole vs. ground flax seeds).

I did blend it more after this point, but as you can see, it does get goopy like eggs, which is what the ground flax is used to substitute.

This time, I changed it up a bit by adding peanut butter in addition to jelly:

The batter for a dozen logically equals batter for two dozen smaller ones.  However, I only cooked these guys for half the time.  I think I could have left them in slightly longer, but they were done, and that's all that concerned me.

So cute!  No need for huge Starbucks muffins when you can take down, oh, 4 of these vegan ones...

I decided to murder one immediately:


  1. Those look amazingly flour needed?
    Also, I saw The Magic Bullet while at Costco yesterday. Wasn't sure if it was worth the buy. What's your verdict?

  2. ^^ The Bullet works well for us because it's convenient, but it can't do everything, and if I could go back, I'd get that Ninja one instead (it came out after we got the MB).

    If you want a big job done (no dirty), go for a food processor -- there are some affordable ones out there.