Monday, August 1, 2011

Griffith Observatory

***Photo-heavy post ahead.***

I have been to Griffith Park a couple of times, but the famous Griffith Observatory remained on my "unvisited" list all this time... until now.  This place is typically so crowded that parking is rather tough.

This visit was no exception, but we got lucky and found a nearby place to park!

Tower of scientists such as Newton, Kepler, Copernicus, and Galileo...

We were drawn to this sundial...

It was so accurate!  This picture was taken at 4:13 PM.

We kind of geeked out at all the little things outside the building, including this "you are here"-type solar system map.

We saw ourselves in infrared...

Later that night, we wound up looking through a big telescope, similar to this replica below.

The view of Los Angeles from the top...

A periodic table of elements showed itself! I took this picture just for the blog... I'm sure we all know these!

I HAD to point out one element in particular...

For young, inquisitive and space-loving minds, this place was thoroughly entertaining!

I got a little carried away with the scales.  Guess I'm pretty darn heavy on Jupiter...

Uhhh, that's better(?)...

Speaking of scales, this was our snack.  Wolfgang Puck runs the cafe, so it wasn't half bad.  The thing on the right is a giant Oreo brownie.

They also had the BEST gift shop!  Lots of fun gadgets for reasonable prices.  We came home with these and a star map (not pictured).

This was supposedly "the most exciting thing that happens in the observatory," which was a Tesla (one of the electricity pioneers) coil creating lightning.

We also got tickets into the planetarium...

This was my first time in one of these.  Reminded me of laying and looking up at the stars!  The show, which was about our knowledge of the universe, was really fun and awe-inspiring.

We ended up peering up at Saturn from a huge telescope later that evening.  We got to watch the sun set as we waited for it to get dark enough.

For everything negative I might say about living in Los Angeles County, I am definitely happy to have such famous and fun landmarks within reach.


  1. love the observatory - when i used to hike all the time, it's where i went to the bathroom!

  2. Looks like a fun day!

    I just received the Kara Goucher book today - thanks again girlie!

  3. I've been to the Observatory several times, but most of those times were when I was in elementary school. It seemed that every year we'd have a trip to the planetarium. I've gone a few times recently and always have camera issues (or forgot my camera). My fiance and I went two weeks ago after deciding trying to make it to Pasadena for a free concert was not gonna workout. It was so crowded! I felt like a tourist. Too bad it was really hazy and the views of the city weren't that great.

  4. It has been ages since I've been there. Back in my college days (in the late 70's) there was this thing called Laserium (look for it on Youtube) that used to run on weekends. It was quite the experience.....