Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Day We Ate too Much Sushi

(NOTE: This is the last restaurant review I'll be doing here for a while, so I'm going out with a bang)

One random night a couple of months ago, "The Ukrainian" and I went to have sushi for our Friday night dinner (Ichima Sushi in Pasadena, CA).

The place was very busy, even though it was pretty large and accomodating. 

Let's just say that after the waiter got our order down, he asked, "And this is for two people?"

Why, yes.

I ended up trying a piece of most of the rolls, and I was already stuffed to the brim.  Since most of the rolls were fish (or imitation crab, which is essentially fish), I was able to try almost everything we ordered.

Ichima roll, which is wrapped in a rice paper.  This was my favorite roll, since it had three types of raw fish in it.  But did I bother getting a good picture of that?  Apparently, I was more focused on eating it. :$

Sashimi salad, whichi s one of my Japenese food favorites.

This was supposed to be a tuna tartare on wonton skins.  I didn't really like any part of it except for the tuna. ;)

A (spicy) crunch roll.

I think this was a rainbow roll, named because of all the different colors on top.

I think the below roll had eel, so I did not partake.  Let's just say that the food was coming so rapidly that I was quickly snapping these photos and trying to make room on the table!

This was a tempura-fried roll.  The pieces were huge and hearty.  I had a bite and was not very impressed.

Another tempura-ish roll, wrapped in a tofu skin.

When I ordered this Udon noodle dish below, I didn't know how much "The Ukrainian" had marked off on the ordering sheet.  I tried to scarf down as much as I could, but I admittedly could not conquer this one.

This pork cutlet came with my order, but I gave it away.

"The Ukrainian" is known for eating a lot of food, but there WERE leftovers.  A lot of leftovers.

Overall, the quality of the sushi was pretty good, and the menu here is rather extensive. I would definitely like to come back sometime, with a MUCH smaller order.  Strangely, in spite of our extensive menu "sampling," the bill was in the $80-range, which for the amount, was really good.  Obviously I made him pay. ;)

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  1. I have been to this place before. Its a pretty good bang for your buck kinda place. Their bento box deals are super cheap during lunch. However, never try their ramen. It is really no better than instant noodles.