Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Changes: New Directions

Dear Readers,

After some thought, I have decided to give new directions to this blog....
...not that New Directions above ^^ (in case I need to explain, that is the Glee choir name)!

I am going to SLOWLY (as I am able) re-vamp this blog to focus more on its roots.  This means that you may see posts you've seen before come up in your feeds/readers as I rewrite some of them, but for the most part, most of these changes will happen quietly and will take a little while to become noticeable as the remaining stock of backlogged content is published.

Here is a brief summary of the changes that I am expecting:
  1. More focus on workouts, training, and fitness-related product reviews.  In this process, I will be rewriting some of these product reviews to be more thorough/useful.
  2. More focus on Cooking, rather than restaurant reviews.  I will publish some of my last few backstock reviews before I stop them completely, but they will receive less attention for now.  I will, however, maintain reviews of food products.
  3. Less focus on everything else -- for example book reviews (unless specifically related to running/fitness/health) and my personal commentaries.  Future commentary posts are intended to relate to food/fitness/health.
The original purpose of my blog was to document my running adventures, and then it evolved to include running product reviews to help people like me make decisions about which products to get.  Therefore, I am going to start focusing more on those original goals.  I am not sure if I will be deleting any content that does NOT fit within this scope... though it should be harder to find, since I am also updating the way this blog navigates to make the intended content easier to find.

I believe that every blog has its niche, and I think this will help clarify the one for this blog.

Feel free to sound off on this.... I'd love to hear from you!

- Julie


  1. Looking forward to the cooking segments! Books - meh. Who reads these days? That what TV and Twitter are for.....

  2. Sounds like some great reading lies ahead.

  3. Ah, Glee... I can't wait for the second half of last season to come out on DVD next month!

    Looking forward to the revamp. I read all your posts, but definitely keep coming back to hear about your running adventures :)

  4. I have mixed emotions about how I should feel that I didn't recognize any of the Glee characters in the picture...

  5. Oooo sounds good! I like reading your posts about food and training

  6. I like the current blog content, but if you change it up it won't affect my reading habits. I'll still check in.