Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amphipod Handheld Water Bottle

Last year, I (re-)reviewed another Amphipod product, the RunLite Hydration Belt, which didn't exactly work well for me over the long run (pun intended).

Well, after being disappointed that I couldn't find one at my running store, I finally spotted a handheld version of Amphipod at Sport Chalet!  Of course, I could have bought it online for the same price, but I wanted to hold it before buying, ya know?

(Yes, we brought gummy candy into the sports store... consider it long-run carbo-loading.)

The 20 oz water bottle detaches from the grip, which also contains a small compartment for things (really only large enough for pepper spray or gel).  It's a bit tough to re-assemble after taking it apart, but this should get easier with time.

I typically fill mine with Vega Sport Optimizer!

It takes some getting used to, but it is a lot better than going without water, with a belt, or carrying a regular ol' water bottle like what I was doing for a while.  The grip is snug around my hands, and it really doesn't bounce enough for me to become bothered, nor do I hear a very loud slosh slosh slosh like when I use other hydration methods.  Also, no leaks!

It definitely holds more water than most hydration methods and is easy to take a sip from in the middle of running.   Its shape makes it easy to keep on your hand, though I tend to switch hands periodically to stay balanced(?).

I will probably bring this to my half-marathon next month(!), because I'm not too sure they will provide what I feel is "enough" hydration on the course.  In the meantime, I will keep training with it so it will feel like I'm carrying nothing at all!  Okay, so maybe I am too wishful in my thinking, but I think this was the best handheld water bottle I could have chosen.


  1. 20 oz is a nice size. I have a hadnheld that I love, but it only holds 10 oz. Which is fine for middle distance stuff, but for long stuff, it's no good.

  2. I've considered a handheld because the belt chafes. Pro for the belt: I can hold more gels/chomps and my phone in it.

    20 oz isn't enough for me on these summer long runs. I make sure to include parks on my routes and stop there to refill.

  3. I've been running with those exact same bottles for 6 years now! I love them.

    I saw they actually make an insulated one that I will have to find. These traditional Amphipod bottles tend to freeze quickly when running in MN winters. :)

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  5. I don't even have to ask if it's sad that when you said 'pepper spray or gel' that the first things that came to mind were a pepper grinder and hair gel.
    I've got a long ways to go on my running career. (pun intended)

  6. i just have a fear of the waist belt and can't get myself to try one .I have a couple hand helds and while i would prefer not to carry them they work for me!

  7. It's funny, I don't mind running with a small bottle, but wearing a fuel belt makes me very grumpy.

  8. I love handhelds. I also have a hydration pack for my longer trail runs. Water on the pack, electrolytes in the bottles.

  9. I drink a ton of water now that I am marathon training. I go through my entire camelbak on my long runs and still want more.