Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sharing my Seven Links

Somewhere in the whirlwind of the weekend, I missed the fact that Paige from Running Around Normal tagged me in a little blog meme that asks to share seven (7) of my top blog posts.

I wasn't going to do this, but then I realized that my blog has almost been around for five years, and for anyone who is new, it would be beenficial to showcase some posts!

My Seven Links

1. Most Beautiful post: "Dedication" (2008) -- This entry was written in the wake of my coach's untimely passing.

2. Most Popular post:  "Foot Gloves"(2007) -- I wrote this entry the day I discovered the existence of Vibrams and was in awe of them, apparently.  I guess the rest of the world is, too!

3. Most Controversial post: "Pre-Marathon Starvation" (2011) -- Some people thought I was writing about something that would be a VERY bad practice, but I was actually writing about music withdrawl!

4. Most Helpful post: "How Vegetarians Eat Dim Sum" (2011) -- I concluded in this post that it is darn tough to eat dim sum (Chinese refreshments) as a vegetarian.  So I guess I wasn't too helpful after all, but it is one of my most popular posts.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: "Jogger's Hematuria" (2007) -- I wrote about this during a whirlwind of medical tests I was getting for various things, one of which was a suspected busted kidney that is likely just a circumstance of running on an empty bladder.

6. A post I didn’t Feel Got the Attention it Deserved: "Catharsis of Negativity" (2009) -- I had recently learned about Operation Beautiful and blogged about my own struggle with appearances.

7. The Post I am Most Proud of: "The Other Side of the Table: On Being a Race Volunteer" (2011) -- I'm really proud of this post because it was the first I'd seen that documents the experience of volunteering at a race from the perspective of a runner/past participant of the event.

This would be the part where I need to nominate bloggers to respond, but I guess I'm a meme jerk and am leaving it open to whomever would like to do this since I posted a bit late.  But leave a comment with the link if you do, and I'll link it here!! =)

Also, I guess 2010 entries did not make it up there.  Given that I did blog often that year, I find it a bit disturbing that none of them made the cut, so to speak.

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