Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Welcome back from the Fourth of July holiday (for those in the US)!

Admittedly, I am catching up with everything, but this post proves I'm still alive!

Recently, "The Ukrainian" and I found this little restaurant in the Arcadia, CA area.

At the time we went, I was going on a carb strike of sorts, so I limited myself to a couple of chips only.  But when you are carb-deprived, even just a few warm chips taste heavenly!

We started out by sharing this guacamole salad.  It was huge and came out really quickly. I picked around the chicken.

"The Ukrainian" got fajitas, and this was just half of the order.  Yikes!  I ate most of the salad, since we had already eaten the colossal one above.  Not much of the rice was touched, and not because it was bad, but mostly because I didn't want to inhale carbs to demoralize "The Ukrainian."

The other half: steak chicken, and veggies (bell pepper -- ick!, mushrooms, and onions).

I ordered these fish tacos.  I only had a couple of bites of the tortilla, as I mostly just cared about the fish.  There was some majorly yummy cream in the background, which I used to dip radishes.  Enough dairy pills saved me from utter stomach pain later.

Overall, I loved this place! Their menu is long, service quick and friendly, great ambiance, and they have alcohol for those who are inclined! I will be back!

I should add that the anti-carb fest mentioned throughout this entry was temporary in nature, and I tried to adhere as much as I could in support.

Tomorrow is "The Ukrainian"'s birthday!  I hope to come back here and report on whatever awesome (but low-key) thing he will get!


  1. happy bday to the ukrainian!

    and yum, fish tacos are my fav.

  2. This looks like my kind of place. I love Mexican/Tex-Mex style food. Looks awesome!