Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gender Change

So it appears that my dog and cat have something in common now, besides being members of a rather strange household/zoo.

Yes, the cat that we have had for over a year is not a girl after all, confirmed by a long-overdue vet visit.

You should have heard the conversation between me and the staff.

Assistant: I think it could be a boy.

Me: Really?  We have been calling it a "she" forever.  Hence the pink collar.

Doctor: (feels cat) I don't see any [female parts].  (checks a few more times due to my disbelief) You have a neutered male. (checks more because I'm still looking at him strangely)  Unless it's a hermaphrodite.

So I guess that's that. Hope everyone will still shower him with the same affection with his feminine-like cat behavior.  And HE is healthy, young, updated on shots, and apparently needs a teeth cleaning soon, which is a procedure in itself costing not too far off from the dog's neutering last March.

These boys are sending me to the poor house.


  1. Hilarious! This actually happened to me, too. My husband and I had our cat for about a year before we took it to the vet. We'd thought it was a male for a whole year (partially due to the fact that it has a tiny little white mustache), but turns out it that he is definitely a she!

  2. This is fantastic. Also, I can relate -- we thought our cat Vivian was a chick when we got him as a tiny kitten but when we took Vivian to the vet to get spayed we were surprised to learn he was a dude. Tried to change his name to Vance but it didn't stick -- he is 10 years old and still Vivian.
    Also your cat could be twins with our cat Kevin.