Monday, July 4, 2011

Evol Mini Burritos

I recently had the opportunity to try these Evol (which is "love" spelled backwards!) burritos. 

They were shipped to my house in a huge styrofoam container full of dry ice.  My mom had a field day learning how cold dry ice actually is.

I got a variety pack with bean/cheese, veggie fajita, and chicken/rice.  I tried the veggie fajita variety first because it is vegan:

Yes, these are actually MINI burritos, perfect for a snack!  I had this as part of my breakfast.  Although I don't normally like bell peppers, this was actually pretty tasty, and I appreciated the wheat tortilla.

Some time later, I tried the bean and cheese burrito.  I didn't like this as much (I would have liked another wheat-y tortilla), but for 7 grams of protein, I guess complaining wouldn't do much!

I've seen these burritos at Whole Foods, but I believe I've seem them also at other "healthy" markets.  They seem like perfect little things to keep in your freezer for those moments.  I know burritos are definitely one of my weaknesses.


  1. I've never even heard of those! But I have a few of those not-so-good Tina's burritos in my freezer and so I probably should look into some of these!

  2. Mmmmm burritos. I can eat those non-stop so I tend to stay far far away from them. I have no self control with certain foods