Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I started regularly driving my lovely car (a 2006 Corolla, which doesn't narrow things down much in these parts!) in 2007.  For years, I didn't do much driving because of no need to in college.  But as I started graduated school, I bit the bullet.  My dad got me the thing he has so far bought all of his daughters... a ride!

Unfortunately, about three months after I started driving it, I found a gaping hole in the taillight cover one day.  I freaked out, thinking I had done it.  Without putting any blame on anyone, I found out later that I wasn't the one who had taken the car out when it happened.  Whew... less heartache.  Still, I had to live with this, and knowing I'd have to take care of it myself, I procrastinated until recently.

See hole (and tape used over the years to cover up said hole).

My handy "Ukrainian" helped me switch it out.  I was actually able to find the part pretty cheap online, and even a YouTube video on how to change it.  But I didn't get to do this, since my eager other wanted to...

We did some testing to make sure it was installed correctly.  Yay!  It only took me 3.5 years, right?  Also, I worked on something I haven't done in a while, either, which is clean the inside of my car.  Dog hair had been hanging out with me in the back seat for months.

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  1. Ooo looks so nice now! I don't think I've ever seen the hole but I wasn't looking for it either.