Friday, June 3, 2011

Trail Trial

On National Running Day, I challenged myself to do what I've been meaning to do, which is to run on a trail.

I have not done very much trail running. In fact, I haven't been "out there" in years. In 2007, I ran the Rose Bowl Half-Marathon on a half-trail (well-groomed) course, but that was pretty much the extent of it.

In about a week, I'm running my first trail race. I really was not interested in the idea. I mean, I don't want to be distracted by dirt and rocks and squirrels while trying to run as fast as I can. Well, this trail stuff is a different game, apparently.

I set off on a local path near the Rose Bowl, but I didn't manage to understand the paths too well or what turns I had to make so that the path would stop ending. I think I only eked out a couple of miles before I met pavement again, much to my dismay.

In my short trail foray (I might try once more before the race and am just gonna wing it), I observed the following:

- Ahhh, hilly!

- Why do these darn squirrels HAVE to cross when I come by?

- I would not run this alone in the early morning or evening time when nobody else is around. I happened to run during after-school time, so I could still hear kids playing nearby.

- I will wear compression sleeves on my legs to the race to allay my fears of snake bites. (I had been practicing wearing your everyday knee-high socks, something I do pretty often just to protect myself from the sun.)

- I'm a coward city-slicker who should probably just stick to pavement.

- Maybe I should do the Rose Bowl Half again one of these days.

- Lizards almost stepped on: 2 (though maybe they are faster than that...)

- This is (kind of) fun.


  1. What a cool path! I like your idea of compression socks being used for snake bit prevention! I run trails in OC and have had a run in with a rattlesnake. Major YIKES!

  2. Ha, love the stream of consciousness thought process - and sounds like a great run!