Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sun Warrior Protein Powder

As I may have already mentioned, I have been trying to eat more protein lately (nuts and egg whites come to mind first... no dirty).  After a short period of doing this, I have noticed a whole lot more muscle tone without changing my workout regimen at all!  I wish I had taken some comparison photos, but seriously, I have noticed a difference in a matter of two weeks.

To help these efforts, the lovely folks at Sun Warrior sent me a couple of samples of their raw vegan protein powder to try.  I have tried some other powders in the past that have simply made me gag (vegan or otherwise).  This is the main reason I don't use whey protein powders, besides the fact that they are often chemical-y, they never taste good.  (NOTE: For those of you keeping track, yes, whey protein DOES contain lactose, but it's been processed and usually doesn't upset my stomach.  Therefore, I very occasionally will drink whey protein if I am using the juice bar at the gym.) 

Anyway, when I opened the envelope, I was thrilled to see the vanilla and chocolate varieties to try.

I have been drinking protein as I stretch after my workouts.  I have a sports bottle with the Sun Warrior in it, add cold water (from the water fountain for now, sadly), shake, and drink.  As hoped, this protein went down easily and mostly dissolved into the water. The flavor isn't too strong (as it's sweetened with stevia, which is a natural sweetener), and as I said, goes down easily without making me gag.  At 70 calories and 16 grams of protein, plus a few other nice things like 6% of your daily calcium, this is a good deal!  This is by far the best vegan protein I've tried thus far.

When it comes to flavor, I actually preferred the vanilla.  I haven't had this powder any other way but with water, but I'm sure it'd be even better with cold (hemp) milk or in a smoothie.  I know people cook/bake with protein powder, but that's not somewhere I've gone yet in my culinary adventures.  Perhaps sometime soon?

Since trying these, I now have a full 2.2 lb bag in my possession (that I bought on my own).  Note that this is the same packaging size as many conventional protein powders.  I got it for about $35, after shipping, which is actually way cheap for this.  (I hope I score such a good deal next time, and there WILL be a next time!)  I love that it comes in a zip baggie instead of a huge jar, because it's more compact that way.  It also comes with a scoop.  This bag will probably last me a long time, as two months of fairly regular use has only maybe hit a small half of the container.

FTC Disclaimer: I was given these samples to try and was not otherwise compensated to give any particular type of review.

(NOTE: I have been re-writing some of my reviews for clarity and detail.  The original post for this item is dated 6/7/11.)


  1. I also have a huge ass bag of this stuff in my possession. I think it is okay. I have not drank it plain with water as I am disturbed by the taste of the powder. I blend it with fruit and other things but I still can taste it but I do like that it is vegan. However I've come to discover that some non vegan protein powder have very little lactose, plus they taste a little bit better to me. Overall, I am consuming as much protein as I use to because of that muscle thing you mentioned. I think I get enough protein from the food I eat. Glad this is working for you.

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  3. That's great that you found something you like and that you've noticed a difference in your body with the increased consumption of protein!

  4. I use Sun WArrior too! I used to be a Jay Robb brown rice pp fan, but it got discontinued.

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