Thursday, June 30, 2011

NYR Progress Update

Back in December, I posted my "resolutions" for 2011.  I still find the practice a bit cliché, but admittedly, it's fun to look back and track my progress as we wrap up the month of June. 

Whoa, half the year is gone?!  I can't say that time has flown... it ran, walked, crawled, and maybe flew sometimes.

Anyway, here's the update on each of the goals:

  1. PR. Niet.  I simply have not given myself ample opportunities in the first part of this year.  But I did run my first trail half and first 5K in which I was attached to someone else the entire way.  I have a few more races and a few more months to achieve this goal as I had intended, though.  And don't forget the new training plan I will be following soon for a hopeful marathon PR!
  2. Finish dissertation. :) Perhaps if I reach no other goal this year, this definitely took the cake.  Strangely, in January, I didn't know I was going to make the leap to finish.  SO glad I did, though!
  3. Start budgeting. I made a nice spreadsheet before the year started, but alas, I haven't updated it.  However, about 80% of my student loans are paid, and I seem to have no real money issues (yet).  Therefore, this isn't a critical goal, but one I'd like to revisit soon.
  4. Pay down debt. See above.  I have a very small portion of loans left, so I consider this one done. I decided to hurry and pay the money if I had it, since bank interest is blah and debt interest is BLAH.  Plus, I wanted to be prepared in case I need to take out any more loans for some reason.
  5. Employment. I've received many rejections by now, and my search for permanent employment isn't going perfectly.  However, I recently got some hopeful news... news that I hope will materialize within these next few months.  BUT I had considered freelancing, did some research, and have taken mental notes, just in case.
  6. Retirement (saving for it, not DOING it). I did some research and have decided to keep my current funds where they are until #5 becomes more clear.

There it is...  In reality, I have only accomplished two of these goals so far.  I'm not disappointed, as the priority of some of these goals has changed.  I've pondered adding more goals to this list, but in reality, these are the significant ones at this point.

Although I HAVE been hacking at a lot of nagging things lately, such as fixing my car.... more of these items will appear in other posts.


  1. accomplished goals are ACCOMPLISHED GOALS! Congratulations! keep it comin'! :D

  2. It's so crazy that we are halfway done with 2011. insane! I really need to see how I am doing with my goals

  3. I was going to say...aren;t you a wee bit young to retire ;-) how are you pulling that off hahaa...saving for it is a good plan though

  4. You've accomplished two goals and made progress toward others... I'd say that's a pretty good six months so far!