Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No More Ms. Nice Foot

It's supposed to be the first day of summer.  I thought this might be an appropriate topic....

I've made mention of my bunion problem before.

In this picture, I'm hiding it pretty well.  I actually have a picture of my actual feet that you probably don't want to see unless you don't think bunions are abnormal.

Whether I had started running marathons and such or not, I believe this was my destiny.  First of all, it's karma -- I have been weirded out by feet forever.  (Over the years, I have glad to learn that I wasn't the only one with this sort of aversion.)  I guess all those jokes and such caught up with me.  Second, here and there in the genetic pool of my family, women have had bunions, according to my parents.  Ugh.  Oh well.

A college friend of mine (a male!) had an extreme case, to the point where his toes were crossing.  He had surgery done, and now he's totally fine.  While surgery is an option, it is often a last resort and isn't guaranteed to be permanent.  Plus, all the running downtime!  Yikes!

Admittedly, it hurts.  And no, I'm not referring to psychological pains of comparing your feet to other women's.  Literally, I feel a throbbing pain in my shoes sometimes, or even worse, while I'm running.  This relatively slight pain forces me to change my gait, which is probably no good.

Given that my situation isn't extreme, or unusual, I just sort of live with the fact that my running mobiles are too wide for many shoes, and may sometimes get bruised (or worse), dry, blister-y, etc.  I don't make a living through foot modeling, and I certainly don't go sticking my foot in people's faces.  And really, they are fine, just not what I would expect from a "normal" foot.  At least they work properly otherwise.  I'm very grateful for them, even (or just) as they are.


  1. I've got 'em, too. I get embarrassed by them, and sometimes do feel similar pain, but since they allow me to do 24-hour+ races, I guess they're relatively mild.

    You're right, though, definitely not foot modeling material :)

  2. My fiance once told me my feet weren't as bad as they could be considering my running. He was actually being nice and I didn't get mad. I was just amused and knew I wouldn't let him forget it.

    I'm not scared of feet, but do think they should be kept off public places, e.g. a chair in a classroom. I've seen people do that and it creeps me out.

  3. you poor thing. I think it's pretty common in runers and dancers though. If it's any consolation, the socks are adorable on your feet...

  4. I am so sorry you have that pain in your feet. Take good care.