Monday, June 13, 2011

Kravings (Brazilian BBQ)

I've figured out why Google Reader doesn't update with my race posts, and I can't figure out how to fix it without creating a bunch of dead links. So here is the link to my recap of the Valley Crest Half-Marathon.

After running a half-marathon, it was churrascaria (Brazilian steakhouse) time!

This place, Kravings, is located in Tarzana, CA.  At night, they have torches lit outside, which looks awesome, but also at night, the meal is $39.95.  We went to brunch for $19.95. :)

So given that I'm not good at buffets (especially meat ones), I think I made good use of "entry fee."  They had a nice salad bar.  As to not look weird, I snuck in this picture very quickly.

This place is a bit on the fancier side.  We got a cute little enclosed-ish booth to sit in.  Unfortunately, lots of people also decided to bring their crying babies in.  I mean, a little crying is fine, but seriously, this one kid sounded like he was straining to cry as loud and much as he could, and the parents did nothing to try to calm the kid down. :(

On a brighter note, here's plate #1.  The green circles in the background are the "Yes, please serve me meat" cards.

I did not take any of the meat that the guys were coming around and carving.  It was mostly chicken and especially lamb, making this place very Mediterranean.  I did, however, take a carving of grilled pineapple (not pictured)!  Highlights of this plate included the potato cake, smoked salmon, and eggplant hummus.

For $6 more, you can have infinite champagne or juice/soda refills.  Here is "The Ukrainian"'s plate.  He thought it was pretty similar to other churrascarias he's been to, so he liked it.  I can't ID most of the meat on this plate, but I'm sure most people could. ;)

My plate #2.  They had an outdoor omelet and waffle area.  They even had an egg white option!  I put mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions in mine.  I also asked for a (salty) potato off of their grill.  I had to also steal a Belgian waffle with strawberry sauce, which was pretty much my dessert.

"Ukrainian" plate #2... plain eggs (guess he didn't want an omelet) with ribs and other samplings.

Yes, there's something great about eating such meals after a race.  It feels well-earned. :)


  1. Looks yummy! I think I would enjoy that restaurant. Very nice!

  2. we have a Brazilian steakhouse here in the city...all our friends love it.

  3. I hate the crying babies at brunch....or anywhere. I hate it even more when they have parents who wont even acknowledge their crying.

    I need to check out if our Brazilian steakhouse has a brunch. It's newer and downtown and tres chic. What is it with the Brazilian steakhouses being so hip? I went last month for a wedding reception and am still having (bad) flashbacks of all the meat that night. Oi.

  4. There's one ofbthese here in Irvine (Agorra) but itbdoesn't have anywhere near the menu this one does. Yum!

  5. I LOVE this place! My family/friend and I have been coming here since they opened. Great food, meat, and ambiance.